Transmuting Currents
by Phil Derby, Electroambient Space
June 2006

Everything about TRANSMUTING CURRENTS is as perfect as a debut in the ambient genre can be, from the stunningly beautiful and detailed packaging to every note of music contained inside. "Transmigrate" starts the show in unassuming fashion, black waters ebbing and flowing as vibrating dark synths undulate beneath. A pounding tribal beat edges forward into the mix, without overpowering the pleasing assortment of organic sounds. In contrast, "Ripple Effect" quickly moves into a potent tribal rhythm that serves as the centerpiece, setting the hypnotic tone almost right from the start. "Cove" drips with misty atmosphere, some sounds gently raining down while others swirl around you. "Tide Pool" paints beautifully murky sound pictures as well. This one is more sound collage than music, but no less absorbing as it bubbles and churns. Taking things down another notch is "Water Cairn 1", as the music strips itself down to minimal bare ambience. Water makes a great theme for ambient music, and Vorus makes use of it without pretense or cliche. "Swampland Dub" brings back structure as things again turn very tribal, with percussion that will greatly appeal to fans of ethnoambient works by Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Loren Nerell and the like. Speaking of Roach, he produced two tracks, co-produced the CD, and did all the mixing at the Timeroom. TRANSMUTING CURRENTS is excellent, an instant classic.

Transmuting Currents

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Transmuting Currents
John Vorus
2006 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Electroambient Space, Hypnagogue

TRANSMUTING CURRENTS is an outstanding debut by ambient-electronic and accomplished didgeridoo artist John Vorus. John has been patiently evolving his sound and ambient sound creation approach since the 90's. Now we get to share in his travels with this debut release. Presented as a continuous blend of electro-acoustic atmospheres, natural sounds, hypnotic beatscapes and didgeridoo rhythms, all boiled down into a delicately simmering aquatic tidepool oozing with audio lifeforms melting from track to track like a balm for mind. The mixing and co-production was performed by Steve Roach in his Arizona based Timeroom studio during an intensive 5-day marathon session in 2005. Framing this sonic statement with a feeling of genuine artistic commitment and vision, the disc is packaged in an elegant custom-made die-cut fiber board CD wallet with slipcase, and printed using a special 6-color process. This is a real beauty to hold and to hear, and a must-have for connoisseurs of deep organic ambient.
1. TransmigrateMP39:29 
2. Ripple EffectMP35:49 
3. CoveMP36:58 
4. Tide PoolMP34:23 
5. Water Cairn 1 5:16 
6. Swampland DubMP39:12 
7. Remote ViewingMP35:31 
8. MeridianMP310:06 
9. KrillMP315:55 

1, 6. produced by Steve Roach; all mixes produced and performed by Steve Roach.

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