The Shaman's Heart
by Jim Brenholts, Hypnos Forum
February 9, 2005

THE SHAMAN'S HEART is, as the title certainly implies, a very deep spiritual journey choreographed by Byron Metcalf with assistance from Steve Roach.

The best thing about any CD involving these two ambient icons is that it is easy to like. This set opens with some very subtle Shamanic percussion and evolves into full-fledged soundworlds. Steve's soundworlds blend fluidly with Byron's to create their soundworld. The disc is a 73-minute soundscape divided into seven movements. Each movement has its own integrity -- sonic and spiritual -- and each interacts with the others. Deep listeners will find themselves chanting and swaying as the healing atmospheres and rhythms surround and devour the neuropathways of their bio-sonic feedback devices.

That is the real appeal of this disc! Byron and Steve are passionate sound healers and sonic Shamans. The intensity comes from their hearts and goes to the listeners' hearts. The music is both psychoactive and bioactive. It is possible to listen at low volumes for background and ambient effect. It is best to listen at high volumes for the fullness of the interactive experience!

The Shaman's Heart

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The Shaman's Heart
Byron Metcalf (with Steve Roach)
2005 Dr. BAM's Music DBM003 (CD) – 2010 Digipak re-release
Reviewed by Frank MacEowen, Hypnos Forum, Wind and Wire

This is a powerful and unique rhythmic and soundworld trance experience based on the traditional structures of shamanic drumming used for altering states of awareness. The entire journey is built using a collection of buffalo drums, frame drums and rattles. Presented as a continuous, unfolding rhythmic state, starting with lone peyote rattles and evolving into mandala-like polyrhythmic bliss. Through it all is a shapeshifting undercurrent of essential soundworlds specifically provided to create support for the intrepid inner traveler. This is unlike any of the solo or collaborations from Byron and Steve.

Byron Metcalf: Buffalo drums, bear & peyote rattles, udu & clay pot, frame drums, hybrid toms, various shamanic percussion (seed pods, beads, shells, pottery & stone), spirit winds, hoasca sounds.

Steve Roach: Analog and digital soundworlds, didgeridoo, ocarinas. (Additional shamanic percussion on track 5.)

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Byron Metcalf at The Lair, Prescott, Arizona. Ravens and other nature sounds recorded by Byron Metcalf. Steve's parts recorded at The Raven's Nest, Tucson, Arizona.
1. Preparation PulseMP38:02 
2. Threshold of IntentionMP38:53 
3. Decision PointMP37:58 
4. The Call for Total SurrenderMP320:09 
5. Raven MedicineMP310:19 
6. Wisdom WorkMP311:51 
7. Unfolding ClarityMP35:51 

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