Body Electric
by Mark Burbey, Alternative Press
May 1999

It’s good to hear Steve Roach doing such rhythmically charged music again. His deep space ruminations and ancient traveler mindwells of sonic beauty remain beyond compare, but not since SUSPENDED MEMORIES: FORGOTTEN GODS has Roach’s music been so possessed with spiritual fire and ritual dynamism. Vir Unis is a new figure on the ambient horizon and after working with Roach on THE AMBIENT EXPANSE last year, the two came together as kindred spirits, student/teacher/equals in a single breath.

Surprisingly more organic and perfectly formed than Roach’s superb ON THIS PLANET, Unis brings his own palette of original sounds to the mix and both artists provide groove creations that serve as the album’s molten core. The driving rhythms rival the music itself in alien texture and exotic tonality. Early tracks race and skitter and tumble across the face of a planet in the throes of reformation, just as those that follow burrow underground to seek refuge in subterranean caverns. BODY ELECTRIC is a Steve Roach release like no other in his oeuvre. Its 56 minutes pass like a brief dream brimming with detail and mystery, and Vir Unis is clearly an artist to watch. Faithful Roach fans may well find this his most addicting release to date, and those who think they’ve heard it all haven’t even heard the half of it.

Body Electric

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Body Electric
Steve Roach, Vir Unis
1999 Projekt PRO90 (CD)
Reviewed by Alternative Press, AmbiEntrance, Exposé, Groove Unlimited, Illinois Entertainer, Progressive World, Star's End, Synth Music Direct, Usenet's

Get ready for a new level in bio-electronic "soul stirring body music, forged out of the reflections from the gene pool from which we crawled out." This collaboration has brought about a powerful step forward for both artists. Judging from those who have previewed this recording, it is sure to surprise, delight and perhaps short-circuit fans of dynamic electronic-organic music. This album was created on the instruments of our time by two artists who have reached deep into the heart of the machines, pulling out the passion captured on BODY ELECTRIC.
1. Born of FireMP39:12 
2. Pure ExpansionMP310:16 
3. Mind LinkMP37:07 
4. Gene PoolMP35:40 
5. Synaptic GapMP31:56 
6. Homunculus WithinMP34:15 
7. BloodstreamingMP33:10 
8. Solar TribeMP34:13 
9. The New DreamMP33:58 
10. Cave of the HeartMP37:00 

The Electric Body

VHS Video out of stock
The Electric Body
Steve Roach, Vir Unis
1999 Timeroom Editions (Video)

We are now offering the first video release on the Timeroom Editions label, THE ELECTRIC BODY. This video was featured during Steve's recent concerts, and now is the chance to have it for your own playback experience. The effect upon your nervous system will confirm the title of this video. THE ELECTRIC BODY is 30 minutes of morphing "evolutionary art" created by Steven Rooke, in the same vein as the BODY ELECTRIC cover artwork. These images were animated on a program created by Steven, and rendered on an SGI system running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months at a time.

The soundtrack features the first two tracks from BODY ELECTRIC, along with a 14-minute unreleased track.

VHS video, NTSC format (US) only, 30 minutes.
1. Born of FireMP39:12 
2. Pure ExpansionMP310:16 

also contains one additional unreleased track from the BODY ELECTRIC sessions

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