Trance Spirits
by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity
November 2002

This 74 minute CD from 2002 features a brooding collaboration between ambient legend Roach and soundtrack artist Fayman. Added to this interaction are Robert Fripp (contributing guitar soundscapes on three of the CD's seven tracks) and Momodou Kah (providing a tribal percussive presence).

Expect dense trance music here: expansive regions of atmospheric drones punctuated by tribal percussion and astral tonalities. The drumming is softly relegated to the midground where it provides a constant propulsion for the drifting aural presence. Those sonic clouds roil and ooze with haunting moods that envelope the audience, lifting them from the earth and elevating them into realms that exist only in the mind.

The electronic textures are quite ethereal, existing in multilayers and generating a twinkling atmosphere of gentle sound. Harmonic interplay of these dronish elements produces a wondrous melodic sense of transcendental concentration, creating an environment for the conscious to wander freely, unfettered by physicality. Awe and sedation are in store for those who get lost in those realms.

The percussion introduces a backbone to the music, providing meandering rhythms as guidance through the ethereal mists. These softly resounding tempos never dominate the tuneage, satisfied to remain in their support position.

Fripp's guitar is pretty excellently hidden amid this soundscape. First off, his guitarscapes mutate traditional guitar into a versatile instrument of heavenly grace and soft-spoken voice. Much of his string-manipulations are indistinguishable from ambient electronics, allowing his contributions here to blend into the holistic clouds, adding spice without disrupting the sonic mood.

Trance Spirits

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Trance Spirits
Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp, Momodou Kah
2002 Projekt PRO135 (CD)
Reviewed by Hannah M.G. Shapero, Bret Miller, Earwaves Media, Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, MusicTAP, New Age Voice, Outline Magazine, Sonic Curiosity, Under the Volcano

TRANCE SPIRITS by Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp and Momodou Kah represents the next step in genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. This amazing gathering of artists makes a magnificent leap into the future of acoustically-fused electronic music.

Five of the seven pieces are driven by a complex juggernaut of authentic African percussion, performed as long-form groove trance pieces by Fayman and Kah. As opposed to just using loops to conjure the desired mood, TRANCE SPIRITS is a real continuum of time, with subtle evolution within the tracks. Entwined with the shamanic / trance-inducing soundworlds created by Roach, and augmented by Fripp on three tracks, the combined effect unleashes the primal forces of nature with a boiling undercurrent of rich, transporting textures.
1. Taking Flight 10:36 
2. Trance SpiritsMP316:44 
3. Off Spring 8:10 
4. Seekers 7:20 
5. The Calling 5:47 
6. Year of the HorseMP313:34 
7. In The Same Deep Water 11:42 

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