All is Now
by Andy Garibaldi, CD Services (UK)
February 2003

One of the most perfectly recorded 'live' electronic music albums known to man. This is a 141-minute document of Roach's live work during 2002. The first CD is, in essence, a vast interstellar voyage. It begins with fifteen minutes of the engines running and the craft lifting off, as huge swathes of cosmic synth layers and textures build to the most almighty deep bass you could get ? so deep it rattles the fillings in your teeth! Then its off into an ever-intensifying wall of space synth splendours, setting the scene for the journey that is to follow, as the unbroken music travels out into the cosmos on a dark, dense, vast trip to parts unknown. It's a huge sounding piece that is only occasionally punctuated by some magnificent drum work that, at its peak, adds to the towering strength of the synth panorama that the musician has created. This is vast, booming, loud and dark space music, with so many components that you are riveted to it for the duration of its sonic journey, and it is quite simply one of the finest examples of music of this kind you'll hear, and it is one that you will want to repeat over and over again.

Disc 2 is all taken from one concert, but again it's an unbroken track - a kind of voyage through everything that makes Steve Roach the pioneer he is and the best at what he does. From a huge cosmic beginning, it moves into electronic rhythmic territory, with rhythms swirling, booming and bouncing all over the background, while a gorgeous river of string-like synths flows to perfection in the foreground. From there we move through darker, deeper territory, then into a strident percussive-backed section that is simply awesome. A soothing relaxed sequence of beautiful space music and all points in between ends disc 2, and it's yet another side to the musician's repertoire that perfectly complements the first CD. Together they make up one of the finest 'live' electronic music CD's you could possibly ever wish to hear.

All is Now

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All is Now
Steve Roach
2002 Timeroom Editions 8 (CD)
Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, Hannah M.G. Shapero, CD Services (UK), Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, Progression Magazine, Sonic Curiosity, Wind and Wire

Fresh from concerts in 2002, this purely live double-CD release presents the current evolution of Steve's iconoclastic live experience captured at select U.S. dates earlier this year. For the duration of the first half of this year, Steve was on a constant program of performing on the road, then returning home for a few weeks at a time, setting up the live system in The Timeroom to create new sounds and reflect on previous concerts. This proved to be a refreshing alternative to the tour-'til-you-drop approach as the evolution of the music and soundworlds were greatly enhanced by this process.

Elements from CORE, STREAMS & CURRENTS, EARLY MAN and INNERZONE are here, but the spontaneous moments within these two CD's, along with many new pieces and spaces created just for these events, gives this experience an atmosphere than can only come from stepping out from the safety of the studio environment. From the intimate to the immediate, the intensity of these sound journeys with the audience onboard is clearly captured and alive. The 'mobile Timeroom' events were recorded at Sedona Arizona, Oakland and San Francisco California, Portland Oregon, and the SFMOMA / Yoko Ono event.
Disc 1: All is Now
1. Oakland (setting course)MP315:18 
2. Portland (1)MP32:50 
3. Portland (2)MP38:58 
4. Portland (3, life meditation)MP39:54 
5. SFMOMA (1)MP313:02 
6. San FranciscoMP33:37 
7. OaklandMP36:05 
8. San Francisco (infinite heart)MP310:35 
9. SFMOMA (2)MP33:57 
Disc 2: Live in Sedona: Formations Creation in 8 parts
1. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 1MP311:32 
2. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 2MP313:33 
3. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 3MP33:42 
4. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 4MP33:03 
5. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 5MP37:18 
6. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 6MP311:39 
7. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 7MP36:22 
8. Live In Sedona: Formations Creation Part 8MP39:38 

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