Trance Spirits
by Bret Miller
November, 2002

Steve Roach is a many-faceted musician. He is adept at live instumental collaborations and electro-acoustic solo excursions. TRANCE SPIRITS is somewhere in between studio manipulation and organic jamming with Roach doing his guitar and synth "soundworlds" as well as percussion, joined by Robert Fripp's guitar techniques on three tracks. But the centerpiece of the collection is the tribal percussion of Jeffrey Fayman and Momodou Kah.

Drums may very well be the first instrument created by men, using sticks to bang on objects, and later animal skins spread over frames. Fayman and Kah bring this primal and physical music into the present. The music heard on TRANCE SPIRITS will put your head into the clouds while anchoring your body to the energies of the earth. The swirling and swishing guitars and wind instruments mix with synthesized blankets of sound and combine with the pounding, pulsating percussion. You'll become connected with the heartbeat of the earth, the passing of air overhead, the flow of water underground. You will become one with the movements of the universe. Join Roach, Fayman, Momodou and Fripp as they take you on a journey through organic and electronic sound, harkening back to the primordial and mystical beginnings of music while utilizing the technologies of today.

Trance Spirits

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Trance Spirits
Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp, Momodou Kah
2002 Projekt PRO135 (CD)
Reviewed by Hannah M.G. Shapero, Bret Miller, Earwaves Media, Electroambient Space, e|i magazine, MusicTAP, New Age Voice, Outline Magazine, Sonic Curiosity, Under the Volcano

TRANCE SPIRITS by Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp and Momodou Kah represents the next step in genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. This amazing gathering of artists makes a magnificent leap into the future of acoustically-fused electronic music.

Five of the seven pieces are driven by a complex juggernaut of authentic African percussion, performed as long-form groove trance pieces by Fayman and Kah. As opposed to just using loops to conjure the desired mood, TRANCE SPIRITS is a real continuum of time, with subtle evolution within the tracks. Entwined with the shamanic / trance-inducing soundworlds created by Roach, and augmented by Fripp on three tracks, the combined effect unleashes the primal forces of nature with a boiling undercurrent of rich, transporting textures.
1. Taking Flight 10:36 
2. Trance SpiritsMP316:44 
3. Off Spring 8:10 
4. Seekers 7:20 
5. The Calling 5:47 
6. Year of the HorseMP313:34 
7. In The Same Deep Water 11:42 

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