Broken Voyage
by Matt Howarth, Sonic Curiosity

This 64 minute CD from 2002 is David's debut release.

David's style mixes languid ambience with distinctly intense electronics, elevating soothing soundscapes to a realm of gritty and ominous tuneage that vibrates with tension. Gurgling electronics are spliced with rasping mechanical overtures, leaving the sonic gestalt to drift amid embellishments that evoke a seafaring scenario. Harsh tones rise to punctuate the ambient flow, settling into chugging tonalities that are a fusion of laboring motors and distant tribal percussion. Other passages allow rhythmic strains to ooze from the horizon into a more immediate presence, sinuously blending these tempos with the breathing drones and sweeping electronic surf.

Immersed in David's synthetic repertoire, there seethes an oceanic sensibility that conveys itself via hints and timbres rather than the overt use of water sounds or creaking masts in the wind.

This tuneage exhibits a tendency to wander from the central theme of a piece, exploring more-than-variations with diversions that could well be considered wholly different compositions for their unique attributes. This unpredictable versatility imbues the music with more interesting developments than the average ambient composition, in which the unvarying temperament refuses to deviate or change. In David's music, this restless nature becomes a winning aspect, producing a feeling that anything can occur without warning. Despite these keen variations, though, he retains a solid sense of continuous flow that is never marred by the improbable outbreaks.

Broken Voyage

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Broken Voyage
Kelly David (with Steve Roach)
2002 Rocky Mountain Records (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Eclectic Earwig Reviews, KLEM, Sonic Curiosity

Colorado-based electronic artist Kelly David's debut CD sets course on an ambient-electro-tribal adventure. Drawing imagery from uncharted waters and travels between desolate islands in the South Pacific, the CD takes the shape of a soundtrack journey. Kelly's fascination with pure sound design combined with natural sound sources, mid tempo grooves along with deep textures lead straight to the heart of musical darkness... and light in an inviting sort of way. A strong debut by an artist who has been working quietly towards this release for several years. Mixed at the Timeroom by Steve Roach.
1. Off the MapMP316:59 
2. CoastwatcherMP34:07 
3. Shadow SideMP322:34 
4. Buka PassageMP37:35 
5. Cargo CultMP38:51 
6. Coastwatcher RepriseMP33:53 

3, 4. Steve Roach mixing, guest performance

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