Broken Voyage
by Bert Strolenberg, KLEM
May 2002

BROKEN VOYAGE is the debut CD of the talented, Colorado-based synthesist Kelly David, which finds the listener in an overall adventurous landscape where you journey into unknown and mysterious territory. Strong ethno-tribal percussive beats blend together with darker soundtextures, weaving a dense atmosphere in which you can't figure out what's coming next. Throughout the whole CD, one can hear traces of hi-tech elements and sound effects in the music, which adds to the impact of the music. "Coastwatcher" (and the reprise-version concluding the CD) is the only track with vast, non-beat floating textures and transparencies. Furthermore, lighter and darker shades in the other tracks match with strong tribal beats as they linger on for over 60 minutes into unraveled, mysterious territory of the South Pacific Islands. Additionally, the masterful mix and spatial enhancements by ambient-guru Steve Roach make this music absolutely stand out. Make no mistake: this is a quite a firm one for ambient lovers, but the journey holds a reward for everyone.

Broken Voyage

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Broken Voyage
Kelly David (with Steve Roach)
2002 Rocky Mountain Records (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
Reviewed by Eclectic Earwig Reviews, KLEM, Sonic Curiosity

Colorado-based electronic artist Kelly David's debut CD sets course on an ambient-electro-tribal adventure. Drawing imagery from uncharted waters and travels between desolate islands in the South Pacific, the CD takes the shape of a soundtrack journey. Kelly's fascination with pure sound design combined with natural sound sources, mid tempo grooves along with deep textures lead straight to the heart of musical darkness... and light in an inviting sort of way. A strong debut by an artist who has been working quietly towards this release for several years. Mixed at the Timeroom by Steve Roach.
1. Off the MapMP316:59 
2. CoastwatcherMP34:07 
3. Shadow SideMP322:34 
4. Buka PassageMP37:35 
5. Cargo CultMP38:51 
6. Coastwatcher RepriseMP33:53 

3, 4. Steve Roach mixing, guest performance

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