Vine ~ Bark & Spore
by Chuck Van Zyl, Star's End

VINE ~ BARK & SPORE by Steve Roach and Jorge Reyes conjures up images of mysticism, legend and ritual. This interesting collaboration was brought into being through Reyes' mysterious guiding influence on Roach's acclaimed expansive and sweeping soundscapes. The duo are down from the horizon, bent to the dark Terran soil of the primordial world. While the production and realization are entirely hi-tech, the inspiration is from pre-industrial times. The album's spiritual symbolism has its origins in Reyes' perspective on the world and its ancient governing powers. Roach expertly directs, documents and participates in the exerience, translating the abstractions into a 21st century medium. With tape rolling, the two friends returned to a time when much of what humankind experienced was routinely accepted as myth and magic. This ancient truth shapes VINE ~ BARK & SPORE into less of a collaboration than a spell cast.

Vine ~ Bark & Spore

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Vine ~ Bark & Spore
Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes
2000 Timeroom Editions 5 (CD)
Reviewed by Jim Brenholts, Gary Andrews, Incursion, Sonic Curiosity, Star's End, The Raging Consciousness Desk

VINE ~ BARK & SPORE captures a pure, organic sound that is rich with a potent magical atmosphere. The remote and mysterious locations deep in Mexico's historic landscape, as well as the hallucinogenic terrain of the Sonoran desert in Southern Arizona, provide the ground where this music takes place. The musical elixir was created from a surreal blending of acoustic and electronic instruments, along with voice and location recordings. With strong shamanic undercurrents, it creates an opening to step through time and again. VINE ~ BARK & SPORE offers music as medicine for the soul. The music of Roach and Reyes acts as a transmitter of the attitudes that ancient cultures had towards music and the spiritual aspects of life, while merging with the currents of today.
1. Clearing PlaceMP32:38 
2. Sorcerer's TempleMP35:21 
3. The Holy DirtMP37:29 
4. Night JourneyMP313:38 
5. Spore and Bark 11:21 
6. Healing TempleMP35:50 
7. Gone From HereMP319:27 
-  Vine, Bark & Spore (medley)MP3 

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