by Darren Bergstein, Muze

On the CD insert, 'soma' is defined as a drink which could help one achieve empathy with the gods. SOMA, the musical document, might be that missing link between earth and the heavens. While STRATA, the first collaboration between Steve Roach and Robert Rich, sought to peel away the substratum layers of the inner consciousness, SOMA attempts to reconcile those emotions with the outer world through a wondrous, gripping corpus of sound. Utilizing a great assortment of synths, samplers, didgeridus, clay pots, rainsticks, rocks, ceramics, talking drums, guitars, flutes and programmed drums, Roach and Rich perform a stunning series of lively, aural mosaics that are like musical puzzle boxes with hundreds of oddly colored pieces. It is as if they tore up the veneer of the desert itself and constructed these sounds out of the earth's natural very fibre. "Nightshade" begins with some prehistoric-sounding synths, then gradually builds along a rhythmic foundation of rainsticks and sequencers. Like the best free jazz improvisers, Roach and Rich intuitively communicate their separate identities into one collective whole.


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Steve Roach, Robert Rich
1992 Hearts of Space HS11033 (CD)
Reviewed by Jeff Blend, Muze

Hallucinogenic master work from the Roach - Rich team. The evolution of "somadelic" music continues at a high level. It's all here, tribal grooves, organic sound-worlds, rich harmonic formations and breathy melodic flutes blend effortlessly. Numerous highest-rated reviews and top 10 best-of lists for 1992.
1. Love MagickMP37:40 
2. NightshadeMP39:04 
3. Going InlandMP34:05 
4. Silk RidgeMP36:05 
5. Blood MusicMP38:10 
6. Soma 12:07 
7. Seduction of the MinotaurMP35:21 
8. TouchMP34:36 

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