Midnight Moon
New Age Voice

An ethereal masterpiece, MIDNIGHT MOON is a 73-minute odyssey into a nocturnal world; a slowly enveloping fog which subdues the listener, exposing him/her to an astmosphere of quiet contemplation coupled with a haunting backdrop of dark textures and drones which engulf and define ones perception of this beautiful landscape. Recorded with processed guitar, ebow, and fretless bass, MIDNIGHT MOON is a radical departure from the artist who in the past relied on synths to create his soundworlds. Having no technical understanding and very little experience with the conventional electric guitar, Roach has accomplished something rare and exciting: the ability to identify with the lister the sense of exploration into unfamiliar terrain. Listening to this album gives one the simulated journey experienced by an artist who employs an instrument from his own inner being with no preconditioned training or experience to guide him. The result is subjective, spontaneous creation of an inner world, which unfolds and expands as the music progresses. If the Flying Dutchman ever needed music to accompany its ghostly wanderings, this would be the wind in its sails.

Midnight Moon

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Midnight Moon
Steve Roach
2000 Projekt PRO99 (CD)
Reviewed by Gary Andrews, Alternative Press, BugSound, Ear Pollution, Muze, New Age Voice, Outburn, SuperSphere, Synth Music Direct, The Raging Consciousness Desk

Touching the ineffable, this music presents a meditation on solitude and quiet isolation. Atmospheric music in the true sense of the word. Ambiguous and quietly mysterious, this slow swirling lattice of smoky melodic-harmonic patterns rises and falls out of the silence which becomes an equal component with the music. "Rife with mood and substance, MIDNIGHT MOON is the ultimate in melancholy space music, representing some of Roach's most enigmatic and intuitive music to date." (Mark Burby)
1. Ancestors CircleMP38:58 
2. Midnight LoomMP321:50 
3. DeadwoodMP37:33 
4. Broken TownMP310:37 
5. HopeMP35:00 
6. Later PhaseMP311:45 
7. Moon and StarMP37:26 

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