Midnight Moon
by Matt Borghi, BugSound
June 2001

When I first popped this disc in, I wasn't sure what to expect. Would I be getting some of that quasi-tribal Roach stuff, or would I be getting the atmosphere, of which Mr. Roach is the master? I was in for a pleasant surprise: Roach does guitar.

This is a fantastically dark atmospheric recording where Roach uses the guitar in his own way, but also in a way similar to Jeff Pearce. Jeff Pearce is undoubtedly the current reigning master of Guitambience, but nobody can touch Steve when he puts it down an idea in the Timeroom. MIDNIGHT MOON is one fantastic, slowly-evolving masterpiece after another. While this disc came out almost a year ago, it just came to my box in the last month or so.

Actually I remember some folks talking about this recording on one of my newsgroups. It's hard to elaborate on a Steve Roach recording. Roach's recordings are always of audiophile quality, always of superior artistry, and no matter how many releases he puts out each one sounds like a wonderful production that brought to life by Roach's love for the contemplative music that he creates.

MIDNIGHT MOON is an excellent recording and one that is definitely perfect for late-night winter contemplation, as is the case as I type this in a snow-dreary Detroit, Michigan. Great job Steve and great job to Projekt for creating an outlet for such unique and powerful works.

Midnight Moon

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Midnight Moon
Steve Roach
2000 Projekt PRO99 (CD)
Reviewed by Gary Andrews, Alternative Press, BugSound, Ear Pollution, Muze, New Age Voice, Outburn, SuperSphere, Synth Music Direct, The Raging Consciousness Desk

Touching the ineffable, this music presents a meditation on solitude and quiet isolation. Atmospheric music in the true sense of the word. Ambiguous and quietly mysterious, this slow swirling lattice of smoky melodic-harmonic patterns rises and falls out of the silence which becomes an equal component with the music. "Rife with mood and substance, MIDNIGHT MOON is the ultimate in melancholy space music, representing some of Roach's most enigmatic and intuitive music to date." (Mark Burby)
1. Ancestors CircleMP38:58 
2. Midnight LoomMP321:50 
3. DeadwoodMP37:33 
4. Broken TownMP310:37 
5. HopeMP35:00 
6. Later PhaseMP311:45 
7. Moon and StarMP37:26 

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