The Magnificent Void
by Alan E. Rapp, Wired
August 1996

For two decades Steve Roach has made landmark recordings in the space, techno-tribal, and ambient genres, impelling composers to catch him. With a mix of ominous surges, resolute absence of percussion, and rogue bells, Void dwells within the null, performing nothingness rather than describing it. Thematically similar to 1984's STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE, the recording sounds distinct at each encounter, reflecting the listener's own receptive labor as much as the composer's active one. Roach gives us not new music, but new ears with which to hear.

The Magnificent Void

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The Magnificent Void
Steve Roach
1996 Hearts of Space HS11062 (CD, Poster, Vinyl)
Reviewed by Cliff Tuel, Asterism, i/e, Muze, Tucson Citizen, Wired

A Magnum Opus of pure oceanic sound and Roach's most sophisticated atmospheric work to date. The final track "Altus", Latin for both "high" and "deep", says much about this work. The most demanding and textural of Roach's work, it has more in common with 20th century avant-garde than other genres. A chilling and beautiful continuous flow of harmonic sound-worlds. Melody and harmony are present throughout in a surreal play of light and dark colors.
1. Between the Gray and the PurpleMP37:42 
2. Void Memory OneMP32:53 
3. Infinite ShoreMP37:47 
4. Cloud of Unknowing 10:38 
5. Void Memory TwoMP33:40 
6. Void Memory ThreeMP33:41 
7. The Magnificent Void 13:13 
8. AltusMP320:01 

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