Immersion Station I

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Immersion Station I
Steve Roach, Eric Freeman
2010 (App)

In a unique collaboration, ambient-music pioneer Steve Roach and software artist Eric Freeman bring you an iPhone/iPod touch app for creating infinite mixes from the heart of Steve's soundworld creations. Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal infinite mixes for deep listening, meditation, and supportive sound spaces for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping.

Top shelf soundscapes to sleep and relax to
by alphastasis — December 31, 1969

Quality app for any fan of steve roach

by Wildman941 — December 31, 1969

Using the original ambient music tool of combining loops you get to create your groove in a very cool and intuitive way. Classic Roach sounds are nicely combined here. Look forward to automatic updates of loops and other acoustic components!

Very cool; worth the money
by Bryan in Pasadena — December 31, 1969

I've planned to get this app for a while. It is definitely something in retrospect I would pay more for. I like the interface, and the ability to do mixes on the fly is appealing. I bought a dock for my iPad as a result of getting this app, to facilitate using the app with speakers. A must for Steve Roach fans. Three things I'd suggest for future releases:* An option to keep the screen lit while charging* Access to additional loops; a paid option to get more would be fine* An iPad version!

Very relaxing
by Trisha228 — December 31, 1969

Nice alternative to other relaxation venues

by C. Fabian — December 31, 1969

Very relaxing, cool, simple concept. I echo previous remarks about the desire for more sounds and a sleep timer. But this is great quality and has lulled me into tranquility many times. A great addition to my collection of generative- type music apps. Highly recommend.

Great to fall asleep to
by foysRus — December 31, 1969

It could definitely use more sounds as some have said, and I wish there were more options for like setting a sleep timer and stuff like that. Still, this has helped me get to sleep a lot faster when I haven't been having too much fun playing with it

Well worth it.
by Reverendp — December 31, 1969

I had never heard of Steve Roach but the description and reviews compelled me to try it. The sound quality is fantastic and the controls are useful. I can't tell how long the loops are but they seem to be extensive.

by westred — December 31, 1969

The BEST intuitive ambient sound machine ever! Being a Steve Roach fan, I may be a little biased, but based on all the other reviews, not so. Well worth $2.99, it takes you places your never been, (with a GOOD pair of cans), as well as help ease nerves and sleep. Great work guys!

Great to have while reading!
by Bob4Linda — December 31, 1969

The ambient sound of mystery, timelessness, and higher purposes. I use it as a background when reading my favorite SF.

Zones & Drones
by Gregor Dolfus — December 31, 1969

Ich bin ein großer Fan von Steve Roach's Soundworlds die App dazu ist ganz einfach fantastisch…super Sound und das Mischen der Sounds ist sehr interessant…Thanks Steve:-))

Love this app.
by daleGmoore — December 31, 1969

You can create a never ending cycle of intricate loops that live in the ever present now. Go grab yourself a piece of infinity.

by CAMKEIR — December 31, 1969

Initially,it seems a little bit simplistic-until you realise that Mr Roach//MrFreeman have actually created an App. which allows you to listen to(or create) an almost endless stream of fantastic ambient soundscapes!

by Dominic Shakeshaft — December 31, 1969

It is - gorgeous... Can leave it running and it's a very nice sound to be with.

Great ambient app
by Eddie McAvinchey — December 31, 1969

I'm only fairly new to Steve Roach but this app is superb. The pre-mixed picks are great, but the best bit is that it puts you in the driving seat in coming up with your own mixes. You can have particular vibes higher or lower in the mix depending on how you like your ambient. Great stuff.

Absolutely Fantastic
by Fumi2008 — December 31, 1969

As a listener to Steve's music for over twenty years, this is just a dream come true. Hours of endless loops from 'The Time Room'. Just...amazing. Fantastic work by the developer too. For a first release, it feels very solid. Full multi-tasking too. One of the best music apps you can buy.

Great music app
by Koenraad Blot — December 31, 1969

This is one great app. I guess not only for those that are already fans of Steve Roach's soundscapes... this random immersion music will relax you wherever you go, without the need of carrying a bulky iTunes library on your iPhone.

Absolutely brilliant!
by fgb80 — December 31, 1969

Simple but highly flexible and enjoyable. Create your own ambient soundscapes based upon Steve Roach's beautiful music. Worth every penny!

Elegant Ambient
by Scott M2 — December 31, 1969

The Immersion Station interface is elegant and intuitive, well befitting the sophisticated ambient soundscapes of Steve Roach. If you love deep ambient music, then this app is required listening.

Effective and masterfully executed
by ormu — December 31, 1969

Simple and beautiful interface, high quality audio.

Great app!
by PraDecon — December 31, 1969

A must have app for all ambient fans as it is by one of the masters of the genre. Some improvements could be done but overall a good investment if you're into ambient/new age.

Satisfying Immersion
by iPeth — December 31, 1969

Extremely useful for meditation, focusing at work or winding down with a book - infinitely many combinations of supplied loops and with the "evolve" option, they can even arrange themselves gradually, allowing you to save presets when you like. A few more sound orbs might be nice (perhaps in-app purchase in future) but overall, an excellent interactive soundscape app (and they have nice responsive people if you contact them via their website).

by Sriman — December 31, 1969

A glimpse into the future of music listening - Would be great if you could put your own wall paper ( photo ) in the background

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