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Jeffrey Koepper
2017 Projekt PRO348 (CD)

Keeping analog sequencer music alive in the 21st century... Poly-rhythmic sequential melodies of warm, engaging electronics propel Transmitter, an album created live-in-the-studio on vintage synthesizers and sequencers. Organic performances of six new tracks (and one from MantraSequent) glide through evolving epics with a classic 70's feel. Thick synthesizer textures and pulsating rhythms generate and modulate the pieces captured June 18th 2017 at WXPN's Star's End Radio, Philadelphia. Host Chuck Van Zyl writes:

"Jeffrey Koepper realizes his work using a wonderful set of musical colors made on vintage analog electronic gear -- a process of going back to go further. The rounded tones of synth lead lines hover and float above ever-changing sequencer territory. With the structural divisions less clear-cut, his interconnected pieces progress through a mindscape of phase-shifted pads, windy white noise sweeps and contrapuntal fantasies of mechanistic synchronization. Koepper's echoing tone patterns capture the kinetic energy of traveling through space -- this music without sharp dramatic climaxes is all about the journey."

Transmitter is a continuous, pulsating, teutonic-flavored album with hypnotizing textures and throbbing sequences. Utilizing complex layers of analog synths and shapeshifting rhythms, the transistors overlay human synaptic transmitters for an album of new electronic music designed for yesterday and tomorrow.

1. WhirlMP3 
2. IonsMP3 
3. TidesMP3 
4. QuasarMP3 
5. DarknessMP3 
6. HaloMP36:34 
7. CloudsMP3 


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CD  $16.00 
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Combo Pack $23.00
Jeffrey Koepper
2017 Projekt PRO341 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach

Creating the music of tomorrow with the analog technology of yesterday... Poly-rhythmic sequential melodies of warm, emotional electronics propel MANTRASEQUENT, an album created on vintage synthesizers and sequencers. Koepper's reputation as a skilled composer in the Berlin school shines on his 10th release influenced by early EM artists Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Steve Roach.

Both dynamic and atmospheric, this sequencer-driven spacemusic brings classic circuits to life via intense interlocking rhythms, thick drones, evolving pulsing meditations, deep textures and lush soundworlds. Carrying the listener through the wires and switchboards of Koepper's sonic vision, he creates an organic, flowing interconnectivity between these nine electronic mantras.

Koepper muses, "I have loved these instruments since I bought my first analog synth, a Crumar Spirit, in the 80's. This discovery changed my life and allowed me to see the power and beauty of classic technology. The sound, the look and interface was what really drew me to explore with these instruments. Synths of that era have a purity and power in tone that can't be matched by modern software instruments. The knob-covered tactile interface allows me to intuitively sculpt new sounds and interact directly with the internal components. I can always produce new and amazing textures each time I switch them on, and when composing music with multiple synths and sequencers, the atmospheres they create ebb, flow and melt together like an aural alchemy creating a new pallet of tone colors and moods."

Steve Roach coordinated this release with Projekt, and added spacial enhancements and sonic detailing to the final presentation.

"Somewhere between the academics of Minimalism and the expansiveness of space-musiC... Koepper and his cult of sonics venture into the challenging realm of technology and creative impulse, in a questing, ever-roving engagement with Electronic Music." – Chuck van Zyl, Star's End.

MANTRASEQUENT keeps analog music alive in the 21st century.

1. ParallaxMP312:42 
2. AuraMP37:43 
3. MandalaMP32:09 
4. ApparitionMP310:38 
5. AuroraMP33:51 
6. GatewayMP313:48 
7. HaloMP36:34 

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