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Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio Antenna is on these releases:

The Hues of Infinity

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The Hues of Infinity
Various Artists
2015 Projekt ARC134 (CD)

A mid-2015 Projekt sampler, free at bandcamp.com.
1. Steve Roach: The Function Inside The FormMP35:45 
2. Steve Roach: Etheric ImprintsMP39:44 
3. Erik Wøllo: PathwayMP36:30 
4. As Lonely As Dave Bowman: Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
5. Dirk Serries: Disorientation FlowMP37:26 
6. Stratosphere: The Search for Normality (reprise) 7:43 
7. Forrest Fang: The Unreachable Lands - ii. Song of the CamelMP33:47 
8. Alio Die, Lorenzo Montanà: Muns de Etrah 6:50 
9. Mercury's Antennae: They Are With Us 7:20 


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As Lonely As Dave Bowman
2015 Projekt PRO318 (CD)

A 73-minute electronic space music album from Projekt's Sam Rosenthal. Unlike Sam's work in Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Dave Bowman is full-on electronic music: droning space, wordless drift with long suspended passages. Covering Bowman's journey to the Monolith near Jupiter, the album touches the edges of isolation and glacial solitude, with a discernible warm human core. MONOLITH's epic expanses, asteroid flybys, serene ambient moments, vast open textures, and warmer hues of sparse remoteness are barren, yet without leaving the listener abandoned. Think of it as drone insulation rather than drone isolation.
1. Failure of the AE-35 unit Radio AntennaMP37:23 
2. Moon-skimmerMP318:01 
3. Manoeuvring over the Jupiter monolithMP36:51 
4. A long, dark corridor filled with lights. A memory. And then a bright room with air.MP340:44 

Limited edition of 300 in 4-panel DVD-sized Digipak

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