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Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient

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Chasing the Dawn: Ultima Thule Ambient
Various Artists
2006 Ultima Thule UTAM001 (CD)

Imported from Australia after three years in the making, the inaugural Ultima Thule CD has finally arrived! Ultima Thule is a popular long-running radio program airing Sydney and Adelaide, dedicated to pure ambient and electronic music. This collection is a 78-minute excursion into the realms of atmospheric ambience from the artists who have been consistently broadcast across the Australian city landscape. CHASING THE DAWN: ULTIMA THULE AMBIENT features a selection of previously-unreleased music by thirteen of the world's most acclaimed ambient composers, among them Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story, Jeff Greinke and Thom Brennan. Steve's piece was created just for this release, titled after the fantastic land and stone formations in the general area of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia. Steve spent time here during his extended Australia journeys.
1. Tim Story: Otherize 3:21 
2. Matt Borghi: Salila 4:48 
3. Delicate Systems: Drawn From Sleep 6:49 
4. Amongst Myselves: Distant Horizons 7:28 
5. Robert Rich: Qatifan 4:54 
6. Kelly David: Temple of DawnMP37:38 
7. Jeff Greinke: 5000 Falling Souls (Ultima Thule mix) 6:42 
8. Thom Brennan: Falling Water 6:43 
9. Robert Scott Thompson: Ascent 2:34 
10. Jim Cole: The Way Beyond (edit)MP37:50 
11. Dan Barrio: Between States 6:15 
12. Steve Roach: Approaching Kata Tjuta 7:22 
13. Numina: Red Stone, Black Sky 5:39 

The Way Beyond

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The Way Beyond
Jim Cole
2003 Spectral Spiral Music 5 (CD)

This is the latest inspiring release from overtone / harmonic voice artist Jim Cole. He is indeed finding the way beyond from his previous release GODSPACE, which was a gem of sacred space-music. Created entirely from his vocal overtoning and harmonic techniques, with the support of live looping and spacious reverb. His evolution as a living, breathing instrument is beautifully presented here as it is something to behold in the current day of tech-based music and endless options for sound creation. THE WAY BEYOND offers the path to a pool of reflective waters drawn from a pure source.
1. The Way BeyondMP373:39 

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