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Somewhere Else

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Somewhere Else
Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
2005 Projekt PRO177 (CD)
Reviewed by David Rush, amazon.com, Muze, Sonic Curiosity, Star's End, Wind and Wire

First released as a limited edition of 2000 in 1998, the 3-CD box set ASCENSION OF SHADOWS quickly sold out, and has remained a highly-desired prize for Roach and Obmana fans. In response to consistent requests, Projekt has initiated a reissue series which will present each disc as its own release, using John Cagian principles: the release dates are hinged upon when PRO177, PRO188 and PRO199 arrive on Projekt's release schedule.

The first release in the series is the long-form piece "Somewhere Else". This track is without doubt among the most serene, purely atmospheric and non-threatening of Roach and Obmana's recorded work together, and was originally presented in the ASCENSION OF SHADOWS 3-CD box set, which was subtitled "Meditations For the Millennium". The intentions for creating a place of solace for what the artists were sensing, with the approaching anticipation of the year 2000 and beyond, feels especially potent and nourishing when heard now.
1. Somewhere ElseMP373:55 

Ascension of Shadows

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Ascension of Shadows
Meditations For the Millennium

Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana
1999 Projekt (CD)
Reviewed by Muze, Star's End, Wind and Wire

The next chapter in the collaborative work between Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana is sure to delight those who appreciate the more serene, atmospheric side of their work together. On Ascension, the artists return to a more minimal core of sounds and approaches to reveal an atmosphere that flows for over three hours. As the acceleration toward the new century builds, this music offers a space for repose so needed these days.
Disc 1
1. Somewhere ElseMP373:55 
Disc 2
1. The Memory Pool, part 1MP319:28 
2. The Memory Pool, part 2MP325:16 
3. The Memory Pool, part 3MP328:44 
Disc 3
1. Revealing the SecretMP373:40 

limited edition 3-CD set in black cloth box

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