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Steve Roach
1993 Fortuna 17081 (CD)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Muze

Steve's next solo after extensive touring in Europe and fruitful collaborations with Robert Rich and Suspended Memories. Primordial shamanic electronic music at its most powerful. Steve's didgeridoo playing is woven throughout. Jorge Reyes appears as guest, and the hybrid trance grooves find a new level of potency infused by surreal soundworlds dripping with primordial sweat. Incredible liner note story by Linda Kohanov helps to set the mood. Perfect music to shake the primordial cage door loose and run outside.
1. ArtifactsMP311:43 
2. Connected UndergroundMP311:13 
3. Clay, Wood, Bone, DirtMP36:22 
4. In the Eyes of the SpiritMP37:56 
5. The Face in the FireMP311:49 
6. Dreaming Now, ThenMP318:58 

Forgotten Gods

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Forgotten Gods
Suspended Memories (Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz)
1993 Hearts of Space HS11034 (CD)
Reviewed by AmbiEntrance, launch.com, Muze, The Voice of the Winds

The music rises up from the darkness and howls at the moon. An ancient voice chants in serpentine ecstacy, only to subside and hover next to silence. In those moments when the sound dissolves beyond recognition, the subconscious leaks through, whispering of faded visions painted on stone, of memories suspended by the passage of time, of gods long forgotten. This is the world where Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes and Suso Saiz create their music. There are no scores, no plans, in the initial stages of composition. Like jazz artists who extemporize freely through a shared musical language, the members of Suspended Memories connect on an intuitive level of pure sound. But it isn't jazz they're playing. Roach, Reyes, and Saiz practice a form of collective improvisation from another time, another place, maybe one that never really existed before, except in the shrouded landscapes of a shaman's dream.
1. Different DesertsMP312:20 
2. Snake SongMP36:44 
3. Night DevotionMP33:51 
4. SaguaroMP35:23 
5. Mutual TribesMP37:06 
6. Suspended Memories, Forgotten GodsMP36:01 
7. Ritual NoiseMP33:48 
8. Distant LookMP37:39 
9. Shaman's DreamMP36:07 

Ritual Ground

CD out of stock
Ritual Ground
Solitaire (Steve Roach, Elmar Schulte)
1993 Silent Records SR9341 (CD)
1. Black CloudMP36:27 
2. Turning WorldMP37:43 
3. North SkyMP37:27 
4. Rapt in DarknessMP34:40 
5. Solid GroundMP36:43 
6. RunesMP39:47 
7. In the Forest of Ancient LightMP313:52 

The Lost Pieces

CD out of stock
The Lost Pieces
Steve Roach
1993 Rubicon RGBC 2311 (CD)
1. EclipseMP33:40 
2. After the DreamMP36:31 
3. Mojave: At the Tree 6:03 
4. Since We Are AwayMP37:40 
5. Full Moon Prophesy 9:59 
6. Red ShoreMP34:40 
7. ReposeMP34:50 
8. Three Reptiles Wait at the Opening to the UnderworldMP311:06 
9. Expanding Again...MP34:34 
10. CloserMP39:53 

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