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All Steve Roach releases in 1992:


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Steve Roach, Robert Rich
1992 Hearts of Space HS11033 (CD)
Reviewed by Jeff Blend, Muze

Hallucinogenic master work from the Roach - Rich team. The evolution of "somadelic" music continues at a high level. It's all here, tribal grooves, organic sound-worlds, rich harmonic formations and breathy melodic flutes blend effortlessly. Numerous highest-rated reviews and top 10 best-of lists for 1992.
1. Love MagickMP37:40 
2. NightshadeMP39:04 
3. Going InlandMP34:05 
4. Silk RidgeMP36:05 
5. Blood MusicMP38:10 
6. Soma 12:07 
7. Seduction of the MinotaurMP35:21 
8. TouchMP34:36 

Now / Traveler

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Now / Traveler
Steve Roach
1992 Fortuna 17048 (CD)
Reviewed by AllMusic, ei, Musique Machine, Muze

Steve's first two releases on one CD. European influenced sequencer music (i.e. Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze) is balanced with early tribal-atmospheric pieces that suggested what was to come.
1. Growth SequenceMP39:05 
2. Cloud MotionMP35:11 
3. The Ritual ContinuesMP34:50 
4. ComebackMP32:10 
5. InquestMP37:00 
6. WorldsMP33:20 
7. Mysteries Continue 6:04 
8. Light SoundMP31:46 
9. Snow CanonMP34:22 
10. Traveler8:12 
11. T.B.C.MP35:06 
12. Canyon SoundMP32:58 
13. Time for TimeMP33:33 
14. ReflectorMP36:50 

World's Edge

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Cassette out of stock
World's Edge
Steve Roach
1992 Fortuna 18057 (CD, Cassette)
Reviewed by Hannah M.G. Shapero, Eclectic Earwig Reviews, Margen Magazine, Muze, Synth Music Direct

The double-CD WORLD'S EDGE was Steve's first solo project created after his move to Tucson in 1990. At last the inspirations that fueled his music for years were right outside the studio, helping to feed an especially intense creative period. It is one that Steve looks back on as an important period of transition and discovery within the onion-skin-like evolution of his work. The roots of ORIGINS, ARTIFACTS, THE MAGNIFICENT VOID, and ON THIS PLANET are clearly present here, as well as the transition from the benchmark DREAMTIME RETURN.

Disc 1
1. World's EdgeMP39:44 
2. The CallMP33:29 
3. Steel and BoneMP32:38 
4. UndershadowMP38:26 
5. When Souls RoamMP36:51 
6. Beat of DesireMP37:34 
7. GlimpseMP33:05 
8. ThundergroundMP310:25 
9. Falling, Flying, DreamingMP36:13 
10. DriftMP37:43 
Disc 2
1. To the Threshold of SilenceMP360:00 

Forgotten Gods

CD out of stock
Forgotten Gods
Suspended Memories (Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, Suso Saiz)
1992 Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso CDGLP 040 (CD)
1. Different DesertsMP312:20 
2. Snake SongMP36:44 
3. SaguaroMP35:23 
4. Night DevotionMP33:51 
5. Mutual TribesMP37:06 
6. Suspended Memories, Forgotten GodsMP36:01 
7. Ritual NoiseMP33:48 
8. Distant LookMP37:39 
9. Shaman's DreamMP36:07 


CD out of stock
Steve Roach
1992 Lektronic Soundscapes LS-92001 (CD)
1. Day OneMP321:29 
2. Day TwoMP330:51 
3. AftermathMP39:11 

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