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All Steve Roach releases in 1988:

Dreamtime Return

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Dreamtime Return
Steve Roach
1988 Fortuna 18055 (CD, Cassette, Vinyl)
Reviewed by Linda Kohanov, Alternative Press, CD Review, Echoes, Exposé, Hearts of Space, Muze, Synth Music Direct

"Steve Roach demonstrates that electronic music's greatest potential may lie in bringing our most elusive dreams and ancient memories into focus through potent, highly imaginative soundscapes. This is without question Steve Roach's masterpiece." 10-10 rating, CD Review

Disc 1
1. Towards the DreamMP37:05 
2. The ContinentMP38:17 
3. SonglineMP35:31 
4. Airtribe Meets the Dream GhostMP36:59 
5. A Circular CeremonyMP39:36 
6. The Other SideMP313:13 
7. Magnificent GalleryMP34:07 
8. Truth in PassingMP38:41 
9. Australian Dawn -- The Quiet Earth Cries InsideMP36:18 
Disc 2
1. Looking for SafetyMP314:17 
2. Through a Strong EyeMP36:50 
3. The Ancient DayMP36:04 
4. Red Twilight With The Old OnesMP39:48 
5. The ReturnMP38:30 

1-8, 2-1: CD-only bonus tracks; 2-1: CD extended version; re-released 1998 with new packaging, and 24-bit remastered in 2005

Quiet Music

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Quiet Music
Steve Roach
1988 Fortuna 17044 (CD)
1. See ThingsMP35:45 
2. Towards the BlueMP33:20 
3. Something in TearsMP35:18 
4. A Few More MomentsMP313:05 
5. Air and LightMP332:05 
6. Dreaming and SleepMP321:44 

The Leaving Time

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The Leaving Time
Steve Roach, Michael Shrieve
1988 Novus / RCA 3032 (Cassette, CD, Vinyl)

This long-lost, out of print release presents a collaboration with legendary Santana drummer Michael Shrieve to present a music that has been described as "Big Screen Music". Heroic themes, driving electronic and acoustic percussion tracks, rich atmospheres and searing melodic work from David Torn create a sound that is impossible to classify, but clearly has a progressive feel in the true meaning of the word.
1. The Leaving Time 4:52 
2. March of Honor4:55 
3. San Diego 8:44 
4. Theme For The Far Away 5:07 
5. Tribes 4:57 
6. Big Sky 7:46 
7. Edge Runner 7:31 
8. The Leaving Time (Reprise) 1:15 

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