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2006  Borealis  n/a
1985  California Images: Hi-Fi For the Eyes  New Era Media
2012  Day Out of Time  Projekt
1989  Earth Dreaming  New Era Media
1997  Into the Soundcurrent: The Musical World of Steve Roach  Projekt
2006  Kairos  Timeroom Visions
1990  Moving Paintings, Vol. 1  New Era Media
1987  Space Dreaming  New Era Media
   Structures From Silence  New Era Media
1989  The Art and Vision of James Hubbell  KPBS TV, San Diego
1999  The Electric Body  Timeroom Editions
2018  Time of the Earth  Timeroom Visions; Projekt
1993  Tornadoes!! The Entity  New Era Media
1987  Tsukinofune  New Era Media
1985  Watercolors: Electronic Video Music Dreamscapes  New Era Media

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