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2008  A Deeper Silence  Timeroom Editions
2020  A Soul Ascends  Projekt
2009  Afterlight  Timeroom Editions
2015  Alive in the Vortex  Timeroom Editions
2002  All is Now  Timeroom Editions
2007  Arc of Passion  Projekt
1994  Artifacts  Fortuna
1999  Ascension of Shadows  Projekt
2013  At the Edge of Everything  Timeroom Editions
2018  Atmosphere For Dreaming  Timeroom Editions
1999  Atmospheric Conditions  Timeroom Editions
1990  Australia: Sound of the Earth  Fortuna
2012  Back to Life  Projekt
2016  Biosonic  Projekt
2001  Blood Machine  Green House Music
2015  Bloodmoon Rising  Timeroom Editions
2014  Bloodmoon Rising Night 2  n/a
2015  Bloodmoon Rising Night 3  n/a
2019  Bloom Ascension  Projekt
1999  Body Electric  Projekt
1997  Cavern of Sirens  Projekt
2000  Circles & Artifacts  The Contemporary Harmonic
2001  Core  Timeroom Editions
2002  Darkest Before Dawn  Timeroom Editions
2012  Day Out of Time  Projekt; Timeroom Editions
1989  Desert Solitaire  Fortuna
2009  Destination Beyond  Projekt
2010  Dream Tracker  Dr. BAM's Music
1999  Dreaming... Now, Then: A Retrospective 1982 - 1997  Fortuna
2018  Dreamtime Return  Projekt; Telephone Explosion; Projekt; Timeroom Editions; Fortuna
1998  Dust to Dust  Projekt
2009  Dynamic Stillness  Projekt
2000  Early Man  Manifold; Projekt
1989  Earth Dreaming  New Era Media
1994  Earth Island  Hearts of Space
2017  Eclipse Mix  Timeroom Editions
2018  Electron Birth  Timeroom Editions
2015  Emotions Revealed  Projekt
2008  Empetus  Projekt; Fortuna; Projekt
2015  Etheric Imprints  Projekt
2016  Fade to Gray  Timeroom Editions
2004  Fever Dreams  Projekt
2007  Fever Dreams III  Timeroom Editions
1993  Forgotten Gods  Hearts of Space; Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso
2013  Future Flows  Projekt
2012  Groove Immersion  Timeroom Editions
1996  Halcyon Days  Hearts of Space
2019  HelioSphere  steveroach.com
2004  Holding the Space: Fever Dreams II  Timeroom Editions
2011  Immersion Five - Circadian Rhythms  Timeroom Editions
2009  Immersion Four  Timeroom Editions
2006  Immersion One  Projekt
2007  Immersion Three  Projekt
2006  Immersion Two  Projekt
2002  InnerZone  Projekt
2015  Invisible  Timeroom Editions
2011  Journey of One  Projekt
2006  Kairos  Timeroom Visions
1995  Kiva  Hearts of Space
2008  Landmass  Timeroom Editions
2003  Life Sequence  Timeroom Editions
1999  Light Fantastic  Hearts of Space
2000  Live Archive  Groove Unlimited
2010  Live at Grace Cathedral  Timeroom Editions
2011  Live at SoundQuest Fest  Timeroom Editions
2013  Live in Tucson 2000  n/a
2016  Live in Tucson: Pinnacle Moments  Timeroom Editions
2013  Live Transmission  Projekt
2017  Long Thoughts  Projekt
2012  Low Volume Music  Projekt
2004  Mantram  Projekt
2018  Mercurius  Projekt
2000  Midnight Moon  Projekt
1979  Moebius  Moonwind Records
2018  Molecules of Motion  Projekt
2015  Monuments of Ecstasy  Projekt
2003  Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces  Projekt
2008  Nada Terma  Projekt
2020  Nectar Meditation  Timeroom Editions
2005  New Life Dreaming  Timeroom Editions
2010  Nightbloom  Projekt
2017  Nostalgia for the Future  Timeroom Editions
2015  Now  Vinyl on Demand; Fortuna
1992  Now / Traveler  Fortuna
1997  On This Planet  Hearts of Space
1993  Origins  Fortuna
2016  Painting in the Dark  Timeroom Editions
2004  Places Beyond: The Lost Pieces 4  Timeroom Editions
2005  Possible Planet  Timeroom Editions
2020  POV2  n/a
2000  Prayers to the Protector  Fortuna
2006  Proof Positive  Timeroom Editions
2001  Pure Flow  Timeroom Editions
1988  Quiet Music  Fortuna
2020  Quiet Music 1  Telephone Explosion; Fortuna
2020  Quiet Music 2  Telephone Explosion; Fortuna
2020  Quiet Music 3  Telephone Explosion; Fortuna
1999  Quiet Music: 2-CD Edition  Fortuna
2011  Quiet Music: The Original 3-Hour Collection  Projekt
2013  Rasa Dance  Epona
2018  Return to the Dreamtime  Timeroom Editions
2000  Ritual Ground  Projekt; Silent Records
2016  Second Nature  Projekt
   Shadow of Time  Projekt
2010  Sigh of Ages  Projekt
2015  Skeleton - Spiral Passage  Timeroom Digital
2017  Skeleton Keys  Origin People; Projekt; Diophantine Discs
2018  Slow Heat  Timeroom Editions
1992  Soma  Hearts of Space
2005  Somewhere Else  Projekt
2012  Soul Tones  Timeroom Editions
2011  Sounds From the Inbetween Box Set  Timeroom Editions
2003  Space and Time  Projekt
1987  Space Dreaming  New Era Media
2013  Spiral Meditations  Timeroom Editions
2017  Spiral Revelation  Projekt
2004  Spirit Dome  Projekt
2009  Spirit Dome - Live Archive  Projekt
   Steve Roach 2009 Box Set  steveroach.com
2012  Steve Roach 2012 Box Set  steveroach.com
2020  Stillpoint  Timeroom Editions
2006  Storm Surge  NEARfest Records
1992  Stormwarning  Lektronic Soundscapes; Timeroom Editions; Soundquest
2012  Stormwarning (Live)  Projekt
1990  Strata  Hearts of Space
2008  Stream of Thought  Projekt
2001  Streams & Currents  Projekt
2014  Structures From Silence  Projekt; Telephone Explosion; Timeroom Editions; Fortuna; New Era Media
2012  Tales From the Ultra Tribe  Projekt
2006  Terraform  Soleilmoon; Projekt
2003  Texture Maps  Timeroom Editions
2014  The Ancestor Circle  Projekt
1989  The Art and Vision of James Hubbell  KPBS TV, San Diego
2014  The Delicate Beyond  Timeroom Editions
   The Delicate Forever  Projekt
   The Desert Collection  Timeroom Editions
2011  The Desert Inbetween  Projekt
1994  The Dream Circle  Soundquest; Timeroom Editions
1995  The Dreamer Descends  Amplexus
2005  The Dreamtime Box  Timeroom Editions
1999  The Electric Body  Timeroom Editions
1988  The Leaving Time  Novus / RCA
2014  The Long Night  Projekt
1993  The Lost Pieces  Rubicon; Projekt
1996  The Magnificent Void  Hearts of Space
2008  The Memory Pool / Revealing the Secret  steveroach.com
2017  The Passing  Timeroom Editions
2011  The Road Eternal  Projekt
2000  The Serpent's Lair  Projekt
2015  The Skeleton Collection 2005 - 2015  Timeroom Editions
2020  The Sky Opens  Projekt
2016  This Place To Be  Timeroom Editions
2001  Time of the Earth  Projekt; Timeroom Visions
2019  Trance Archeology  Projekt
2002  Trance Spirits  Projekt
2017  Traveler  Timeroom Digital; Domino Records; Fortuna
2010  Truth & Beauty  Timeroom Editions / Projekt; Timeroom Editions
2013  Ultra Immersion Concert  Timeroom Digital
2000  Vine ~ Bark & Spore  Timeroom Editions
2015  Vortex Immersion Zone  Timeroom Editions
1995  Well of Souls  Projekt
1987  Western Spaces  Innovative Communication; Chameleon Music; Fortuna
1992  World's Edge  Fortuna

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