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Weather From Another Planet

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Weather From Another Planet
Jeff Greinke
2003 First World Music (CD)

Greinke's follow-up to his highly acclaimed 2002 release WIDE VIEW is a more upbeat ride over and through richly textured terrain. There's an unobtrusive yet deep rhythmic feel to this work that lends an utterly appealing liquid quality to his overall signature sound. This music is warm, spacious, multilayered, and highly enjoyable.
1. Sunday AfternoonMP34:37 
2. ClimbMP35:26 
3. VisitorMP36:38 
4. Dark GlassMP35:14 
5. SpinMP34:50 
6. KrakatoaMP36:56 
7. Big StrideMP36:14 
8. Rolling SquareMP35:17 
9. Little Dust DevilsMP34:51 
10. FlightMP36:22 

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