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Pluma de Piedra

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Pluma de Piedra
Jorge Reyes, Piet Jan Blauw
2003 Geometrik GR 2108 (CD)

This is a new collaboration from Jorge Reyes with Dutch electronic instrument builder and sound artist Piet Jan Blauw. The release holds some great pieces in the true Jorge Reyes ethno-electronic spirit. Indigenous voices are also featured throughout in collages and samples. A groove source from THE SERPENT'S LAIR is featured on track 3, as well as sources from VINE ~ BARK & SPORE on track 6. This Dutch version of the CD features a special cover printed on radiant paper.
1. Pluma de Piedra 3:53 
2. Flores de Luna 3:21 
3. Manos de Agua 4:06 
4. God of Water (Tialoc) 3:21 
5. Los Dias Sin Nombre 5:54 
6. The Feathered Snake 4:52 
7. Windsong 4:39 
8. Nacimiento Del Sol 6:13 
9. Radio Marcos 4:15 

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