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The Spiritual Bonding

CD out of stock
The Spiritual Bonding
Vidna Obmana (with Steve Roach)
1994 Extreme XCD 027 (CD)
Produced by Steve Roach
1. The Feather CycleMP311:20 
2. Spatial Prophecy (song of the tribal)MP310:52 
3. Challenging BoundariesMP35:19 
4. The Spiritual BondingMP312:10 
5. The Interior JourneyMP34:38 
6. Earth DanglingMP34:09 
7. From The Stepping StoneMP34:32 
8. The Nebulous PathwayMP35:39 

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. with Steve Roach

El Costumbre

CD out of stock
El Costumbre
Jorge Reyes (with Steve Roach)
1993 Extreme XCD 021 (CD)

We managed to find a very small handful the ultra-rare, out-of-print Extreme label version of this 1993 classic -- still sealed. During this period of the early 90's, a steady stream of influential recordings by Jorge and Steve were created, fusing the ancient and modern spirit of shamanic ceremonial remembering. This release stands together with Suspended Memories, ORIGINS, ARTIFACTS etc. as essential releases which mapped the new landscapes that would soon be called tribal-ambient. Haunting, timeshifting atmospheres, various percussion, clay pots, and pre-Hispaninc flutes abound, along with Jorge's voice and chanting. All of this boils steadily throughout the journey into the "customs" of the new tribes.
1. El Costumbre / Cancion Medicinal / La Barrida / Adivinacion 12:00 
2. Omeoyocan, Lugar 2 4:18 
3. El HuarachitoMP33:15 
4. Peyote-Venado-Maiz / La Boca De Los Muertos / Viaja Sagrada a Virikuta / La Busqueda 15:00 
5. Danza De Los VoladoresMP34:16 
6. El DespedimentoMP33:10 

1, 4. with Steve Roach: atmospheres, hybrid grooves

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