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The Surreal Sanctuary / The Contemporary Nocturne

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The Surreal Sanctuary / The Contemporary Nocturne
Vidna Obmana (with Steve Roach)
2019 Zoharum ZOH00172 (CD)

Originally released in 2000 on the Hypnos label. Both albums include guest appearances by Steve Roach, Jim Cole and Joris De Backer. Remastered and with all-new artwork in an 8-panel Digipak, strictly limited to 400 copies — we have 30 of these.

Disc 1
1. InfinityMP35:02 
2. LamentationMP36:59 
3. The First CoilMP38:40 
4. The Profound IsolatesMP39:27 
5. Jewel of the UndergroundMP37:43 
6. The Fragmented DomeMP317:28 
7. FlameMP313:59 
Disc 2
1. DuelMP31:56 
2. Chasing the OdysseeMP310:31 
3. A Platform of SorrowMP35:58 
4. The Gaze in DissonanceMP33:22 
5. Mute GriefMP36:50 
6. RevelationMP39:51 
7. The Path DownwardsMP319:06 
8. InfinityMP314:36 

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