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Quiet Friends

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Quiet Friends
A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach's Structures From Silence

Various Artists
2014 Free Floating Music FFM30 (CD)

How do I begin to put into words my thoughts and feelings regarding STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE? For me, STRUCTURES FROM SILENCE is like food, or water, or clothing. It is not music in the traditional sense. It is a place for the mind, body, and spirit to inhabit. It has surrounded and nourished me through almost every aspect of my life; every emotion, every major event, every mundane task. It has been my reading companion, my nursemaid, my co-worker, my therapist. My quiet friend.

1. Gregg Plummer: Convergence 9:42 
2. Scott Lawlor: Quiet Mind 9:39 
3. Altus: Dulcet 6:30 
4. Seconds Before Awakening: 09.30.14 12:35 
5. Phase47: Circular 7:40 
6. Simon Slator: Solace 6:33 
7. Chris Russell: Particles in Sunlight 9:04 
8. Boris Lelong: Suspended 8:25 
9. Andrew Lahiff: Illuminating Perceptions 8:30 
10. C.paradisi: Tacet 8:03 
11. Jack Hertz: Pillars of Silence 9:54 
12. Phillip Wilkerson: Drifting Past Before 10:00 
13. Space Megalithe: Crystal Landscape 10:05 
14. Robert Douglas: Beyond the Summit 10:03 
15. Daniel Robert Lahey: Things Work Out 9:51 

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