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Memories Compiled 1

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Memories Compiled 1
Vidna Obmana
1994 Projekt (CD)

1998/1999 | A beautiful double-CD bringing together Vidna's first two cassettes, along with unreleased material from the same era. Comprising the majority of this Belgian composers work from his post-industrial period, these two hours focus on a dense dark ambient sound, with an un-nerving sub-texture. The packaging and music on this release amazingly capture Vidna Obmana in his dark prime.
Disc 1
1. Neo-NoirMP3 
2. Exhaust Dark CrownMP3 
3. Momentary StillnessMP3 
4. The Fall of Romantic SimplicityMP3 
5. Insects to HarmonyMP3 
6. Door of Secret RisingMP3 
7. ClosingMP3 
8. Isolation / RefugeMP3 
Disc 2
1. Dazzling Array 1MP3 
2. Lost in the Swirling DistanceMP3 
3. Inside the Empty MassMP3 
4. Dazzling Array 2MP3 
5. Before Mutual GraceMP3 
6. Upon Steel HeavenMP3 
7. Dazzling Array 3MP3 
8. Reflecting Deep StarsMP3 
9. Into Gray DividesMP3 
10. Gathering in Frozen BeautyMP3 

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