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Over Ruins / Moving Climates

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Over Ruins / Moving Climates
Jeff Greinke
1996 Projekt (CD)

Jeff Greinke's unique process of sound-layering creates electronic music that is rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail.
1. Lead and Stream  
2. Regions Rendered BarrenMP3 
3. CanalMP3 
4. Runaway FreightMP3 
5. Over Ruins  
6. Inhabited TunnelMP3 
7. Pillars of LightMP3 
8. Across Vast PlainsMP3 
9. Island ArcMP3 
10. Difficult WordsMP3 
11. Their Final HourMP3 
12. Open DuctMP3 
13. Stray ThoughtsMP3 
14. Gathering ForceMP3 
15. Red TideMP3 
16. Traffic WarsMP3 
17. Towering CumulusMP3 

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