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Cities in Fog

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Cities in Fog
Jeff Greinke
1997 Projekt (CD)

Dark ambient pioneer Greinke's first album from 1985 is finally issued on disc with a bonus CD in the same sonic terrain. Moody soundscapes from a true original.
Disc 1
1. Moving Through Fog  
2. Urban PastureMP3 
3. CreviceMP3 
4. UpwellingMP3 
5. Maintain CirculationMP3 
6. ScudMP3 
7. Foreign CorridorMP3 
8. Metal From the SkyMP3 
9. Offshore SearchMP3 
10. Among IcebergsMP3 
Disc 2
1. Harbor IslandMP3 
2. BetweenMP3 
3. Still FallMP3 
4. MeltMP3 
5. The CornerMP3 
6. City LightMP3 
7. NightcrawlerMP3 
8. BelowMP3 
9. Low CeilingMP3 

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