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The Precipice of Choice

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The Precipice of Choice
Byron Metcalf (with Steve Roach)
2020 Dr. BAM's Music BAM11 (CD)

A tribal-shamanic wake-up call, featuring Steve on three tracks. Now, more than at any time in our planetary history, we have become a global civilization inextricably intertwined within a living tapestry of interconnectedness, and all of our choices affect the whole.

A timely sequel to the high-powered 2007 release A WARNING FROM THE ELDERS, THE PRECIPICE OF CHOICE is simultaneously a polyrhythmic requiem for a planet in trouble and an initiatory gateway for people willing to answer the call-to-action in a time of unparalleled change. We are, indeed, on a precipice –- economically and ecologically –- and the choices we make now may determine the literal survival of our species.

Weaving a potent line-up of featured musicians and guests, THE PRECIPICE OF CHOICE is an empowered, highly-auspicious sonic signature for the gauntlet of time through which our global civilization is passing. Driven by deep concern about the immense societal and planetary challenges we face, Byron Metcalf's embodied vision for this album will usher the listener through an experience of activating and mobilizing the conscious Heart-Warrior within. All choices, ultimately, begin at the level of the heart.

1. The Precipice of Choice 9:02 
2. Hope is Not a Plan 9:57 
3. Interior Excavation 9:37 
4. Requiem For the Decaying Remains of Hubris 8:45 
5. Calling Huachuma's Medicine Spirit 10:24 
6. A Final Warning 10:23 
7. At the End, It's Only You 12:37 

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