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The Disciple's Path

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The Disciple's Path
Mark Seelig
2020 Projekt PRO369 (CD)

After years of collaborations with Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf and Loren Nerell, Seelig returns to his solo work on this unique, engaging medicine music. Steeped in traditional Indian Ragas, the sultry ambient washes and occasional entrancing rhythms form the backdrop for Mark's organic and intimate Bansuri flute melodies. Potent and seductive, the pieces venture to the frontiers of consciousness, animating the 78 minutes of music with an inviting enticement into dimensions of the beyond.
1. Raga Princess 15:12 
2. Ya-Man 12:56 
3. The Disciple's Path 36:00 
4. Raga Ayahuasca 10:39 

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