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Steve Roach
2020 Timeroom Editions TM47 (CD)

These two long-form immersions were created within a week's time in mid-December 2019. Both present a sumptuous landscape of sonic nourishment, serenity and soft shadow with each piece contrasting each other perfectly, shifting from light to darker hues of deep sonic color translated into sublime delicate emotion. Perfect for infinite looped playback through the day into night, and into the realm of sleep as well. These soundworlds present Steve creating at the top of his skills and speaking in the language that he has innovated over four decades. Originally released at Bandcamp only, this is the limited-edition (500 copies) double-CD Eco-Wallet presentation.
Disc 1
1. Serenity in Waves 60:50 
Disc 2
1. Deeper... still 60:06 

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