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Planetary Unfolding

CD $15.00
Planetary Unfolding
Michael Stearns
Sonic Atmospheres KM 10634 (CD) – rare out-of-print edition!

Michael's "epic" Serge synthesizer album in six movements. The Earth as a mass of sounds held together through resonance. Everything alive, atoms, cells, the Earth's core, oceans, plants, animals and humans, the seen and the unseen, all creating a complex orchestration... the Earth as a being of sound. The Earth within the cosmos, the cosmos a vibrating orchestration with a resonance so complex and deep we hear nothing, no thing, and are engulfed by a vast and tender silence.

Michael Stearns became a resident composer/musician at Emily Conrad's meditation classes in 1975. He initially composed and performed on a Minimoog and various electro-acoustic instruments. In 1979 he was introduced to the Serge modular synthesizer by Kevin Braheny who owned a 15-panel system (dubbed "The Mighty Serge"), which he used on Morning Jewel. He then built his own 12-panel Serge. With this he performed electronic music that was evocative of space.

Planetary Unfolding was recorded around 1981, when Michael left Conrad's Continuum Studio. The musical ideas that Michael had been performing on the Serge were combined and developed, giving birth to 52 minutes of music divided into two parts, each part featuring three segments.

The album was first released on Stearns' own label, Continuum Montage. It was reissued on CD from 1985 to 1991 by Sonic Atmospheres, the edition offered here.

1. In the Beginning... 8:00 
2. Toto, I've a Feeling We're Not in Kansas Anymore! 6:20 
3. Wherever Two or More Are Gathered 9:19 
4. Life in the Gravity Well 6:55 
5. As the Earth Kissed the Moon 9:55 
6. Something's Moving 5:19 

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