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Phase IX

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Phase IX
Lorenzo Montanà
2017 Projekt PRO339 (CD)

Playing frequently at The Timehouse, this outstanding new transmission is Italian soundcomposer Lorenzo MontanĂ 's first American release. These electronic ambient mindscapes form nine phases of a trip of the psyche. Lorenzo focuses on the floating / experimental side of his work, as heard on his collaboration with Alio Die, Holographic Codex; it's a downtempo evolution on his fifteen previous albums, including work on the famed German Fax label where he published his first CD and the 5-CD Labyrinth collaboration series with Pete Namlook.

Lorenzo's sonorities are created by a network of electronica, field recordings, hang drum, cello and piano. A 62-minute surrealistic journey of sound, Phase IX is not so much the product of physical actions as the translations of internal thought currents into autonomous sonic spheres that detail the surroundings with an organic link to nature and its purest interiors. Cold northern forests, fog and ancient ruins, mysterious environments among ornate atmospheres, religious mysticism and minimalism, these nine tracks are the soundtrack for a film that doesn't yet exist. From within the mist appear two tracks taking a more solid form ("Mirror of Consciousness" in the middle of the release and "Naadmir" one track from the end) with stepped sequencer and 70's space-rock textures forming crescendos with the album's constant flow of deep and dark waters.

Phase IX is a solitary walk through forgotten paths, an ambient symphony where acoustic and electronic elements weld alchemical joints obtained through complex design. Indulging in a deep haze, darkness and perfumes between sacred and profane, this is dream-infused music traveling the synapses of the mind firing sonic beauty along the way.

Artist bio: Lorenzo MontanĂ  is an Italian soundtrack composer, sound engineer and producer. He started in the nineties producing and arranging more than 40 albums with several artists across the electronic, ambient, IDM, jazz, classical and rock genres. His meticulous production style finds a complex balance between melody and intricate beats. In fact, his work with the singer Tying Tiffany as T.T.L. (Through The Lens) landed their song "Deep Shadow" in The Hunger Games movie trailer. There is a cinematic aspect to Lorenzo's works where the cinema, of course, is often in your mind.

1. Land's EndMP3 
2. Glopsyche EclipseMP3 
3. Dhalg FuMP3 
4. Mirror of ConsciousnessMP3 
5. Fall's OdysseyMP3 
6. Ura SenxetMP3 
7. Opal CaveMP3 
8. NaadmirMP3 
9. Strings of PatienceMP3 

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