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The Future of Man

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CD $12.00
The Future of Man
Duff Egan
2016 Black Dingo Records (CD)

Duff Egan is an emerging Seattle-based ambient deep zone artist who has produced an impressive stream of Bandcamp releases over the past few years. THE FUTURE OF MAN represents his first CD release. This double-CD of ultra-deep steady-state dronescapes hovers low to the ground like shifting fog over a wet forest floor, while converging with the undercurrent churn of a distant city. A must have for hardcore Drone connoisseurs.
Disc 1
1. Silent Thunder 40:38 
2. Endangered Quiet Beauty 18:44 
3. The Quiet Path 4:03 
Disc 2
1. Urban Wilderness 10:22 
2. Natures Symphony In Decline 6:14 
3. Your Personal Quest For Quiet 21:08 
4. Spirit Echoes 19:18 

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