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Erik Wøllo
2015 Projekt PRO320 (CD)

Echo: a reflection of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound. Tides: the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon, Sun, and rotation of the Earth.

ECHOTIDES is highly engaging and meditative with a delicate and finely structured symbiosis between the slow motion atmospheres, sparse melodic lines and detailed rhythms (accentuated by the contributions from percussionist Kouame Sereba on two tracks.)

"Echo and tides, these two natural phenomena inspired this music," Erik says. "They were in the back of my mind as I worked. Incidents surround us all the time; life develops in cycles, oceans move in cycles; the constantly moving, ebbing and flowing present, forever repetitive. I use these terms as metaphors for the sound and structures in the compositions."

Released in an extremely limited collector's edition of 300, this EP consists of 7 new tracks covering 43 minutes.

"I started this project by recording various loops using my guitars and the two new special effect pedal boards that I assembled," Erik continues. "I collected various brand's pedals and devices, put together in a chain. Devices for looping, harmonizing and other effects.

"I spent several months of improvising, just collecting ideas. I then selected the best suited pieces and augmented them with sequenced synthesizers and percussion elements. The whole idea for the project was to create a sustained and free floating selection of tracks built upon interacting fragments of sound and processed textures, all blended together and forming a constant morphing endless flow."

ECHOTIDES is deeply expansive and contemplative electronic music. These sonic identities reflect the ever-changing alternatives in nature and our environments. It's music that is rich in depth and colors with echoes of memories and imaginary places, epic dimensions and a minimalist's restrained elegance.

1. EchoTides No. 1MP3 
2. EchoTides No. 2MP3 
3. EchoTides No. 3MP3 
4. EchoTides No. 4MP3 
5. EchoTides No. 5MP3 
6. EchoTides No. 6MP3 
7. EchoTides No. 7MP3 

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