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Erik Wøllo
2014 Projekt PRO306 (CD)

The TUNDRA EP finds Erik Wøllo creating fascinating atmospheric and rhythmic instrumental electronic music. This 30-minute 5-song EP features all new, previously-unreleased tracks that showcase Erik's ability to incorporate new and fresh elements into his music while remaining true to his unique style. A strong emphasis on sequenced rhythmic passages and grooves mixes with spacious deep ambient soundscapes and melodic themes provided by electric guitars and various synthesizers.

On "Tundra," "The Native Chant" and "Swirling Lights" the use of throat singing samples and vocals from Arctic indigenous people add a human, earthy element to the electronics. Erik reflects, "The concept of incorporating traditional world music elements into my work is something I have been excited about since the 1990's. Over the years, I have worked with various artists from India, Africa, North America and other countries, mixing the local indigenous textures and instruments together with my modern electronic equipment. I wanted to recreate some of these ideas on Tundra. These tracks could be the soundtrack to a documentary about the nature and climate of the northern hemisphere where everything is limited because of the harshness of the environment, and cultures are forced to adapt to the challenging surroundings."

Influenced by these ideas, Erik created these brilliant musical landscapes. Ranging from down-to-earth rhythms and chants to mesmerizing late night nordic light-scenes, this music showcases a natural authenticity that is both appealing and deeply engaging.

Tundra is extremely limited, with only 200 copies made. Don't miss out!
1. TundraMP37:07 
2. PermaMP35:43 
3. TaigaMP35:43 
4. The Native ChantMP35:16 
5. Swirled LightsMP35:14 

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