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The Wolf At The Ruins / Migration

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The Wolf At The Ruins / Migration
Forrest Fang
2013 Projekt PRO290 (CD)

Projekt opens the archives to bring back two formative ambient works. Originally released in 1989 and 1986 respectively, THE WOLF AT THE RUINS and MIGRATION have been out of print for over 20 years. They're from the period when he began his own fusion of electronics and traditional non-Western instruments into a modernist blend of electronics, ambient and world music. Re-released with two bonus tracks per album, and remastered by Robert Rich, this limited edition 2-CD reissue of 300 copies is the definitive way to experience Fang's early visionary blend of space music, hypnotic minimalism and earthy polyrhythms with a Far Eastern bent.

Originally released on Fang's cryptically named Ominous Thud label, these releases incorporate tape delay techniques first popularized by ambient pioneers Robert Fripp and Terry Riley, combined with a broadening palette of influences from non-Western folk music to ambient music to progressive rock. THE WOLF AT THE RUINS, released in 1989, was a particularly significant album for Fang that brought him to greater prominence with extensive airplay on nationally syndicated radio show such as Music From the Hearts of Space and Echoes.

"These albums were really a turning point for me, musically," says Fang. "With my exposure to traditional Chinese music and other non-Western forms such as Balinese gamelan, I was seeing and hearing new colors and textures that seem to form their own sound and language, maybe just a bit beyond my grasp but close enough for me to preserve the essence of what I was experiencing."

"Fang's compositional stylings applied to the genre of space music with exceptional results." -- Billboard

What reviewers have said about THE WOLF AT THE RUINS:

"THE WOLF AT THE RUINS is an intriguing album that freely mixes space music with multifaceted ethnic colorings in a way that is sure to appeal to connoisseurs of experimental global music." -- Allmusic.com

"An oriental-occidental fantasy world of music is created; not new age nor background music, but something deeper, evocative and involved." -- Audion

"[Fang's] release ... confirms his stature ... as being among the best American synthesists. However, Fang does not rely solely on electronics. He works with traditional non-Western instruments and musical styles (especially those from his Chinese heritage), and processes them through contemporary technology and a more modernist approach ... Simply put, Fang has produced a gorgeous piece of work." -- Option

What reviewers have said about MIGRATION:

"Dreamlike and meditative soundscapes." -- New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

"Layered keyboards are the dominant instrument or repetition-based pieces reminiscent of Terry Riley and Mike Ratledge." -- Sound Choice

Disc 1
1. The WindmillMP34:42 
2. Passage and AscentMP311:47 
3. The Luminous CrowdMP36:24 
4. AmeliaMP32:58 
5. An Amulet and a TravelogueMP323:58 
6. Karina Waits At The WindowMP32:22 
7. Silent FieldsMP37:12 
8. MeditationMP35:23 
9. A Quiet PlaceMP310:09 
Disc 2
1. InvocationMP31:14 
2. Through A Glass LandingMP36:43 
3. ComfortMP33:26 
4. KoshiMP33:27 
5. Before SunriseMP32:54 
6. Second ImpressionMP31:16 
7. PeruMP33:12 
8. Gradual Formation In SandMP37:20 
9. Lowland DreamMP35:04 
10. SleepMP34:25 
11. White FencesMP33:03 
12. Evening SongMP35:47 
13. ArpeggianaMP32:30 

1-8, 1-9, 2-12, 2-13: bonus tracks

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