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Future Flows

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Future Flows
Steve Roach
2013 Projekt PRO289 (CD)

The evolving, inexplicable nature of Steve Roach's musical soundworld is fully realized on his new textural electronic/ambient release, FUTURE FLOWS. Within the eight tracks on this seventy-minute album, a renewing, contemplative mood emerges by way of the shifting interconnected sonic forms that emerge from a constant source somewhere in the near future.

Artists and athletes arrive in "flow states" via immersion in the present moment. It is an immediate occurrence where preparation meets a willful surrender to everything in the now. The combination of a singular focus and a relaxed, centered presence is a merging of action and awareness nourished through years of immersion in the creative zone.

Working in Arizona in his Timeroom Studio, Roach approaches the creative impulse by connecting to the flow within the studio environment and recording these moments as they occur. FUTURE FLOWS was created from a palette of hand-crafted timbers and techniques that are unique within his world of shapeshifting auralscapes. Enveloping the listener in his signature sound cocoon, these tracks stimulate a sense of complex emotional resonance with a radiant, organic quality. On each listen, there's a renewed sense of immediacy, as if something living and generative exists within the music.

As with related works MYSTIC CHORDS & SACRED SPACES, THE MAGNIFICENT VOID, and BACK TO LIFE, there is an evolving -- almost symphonic -- quality to FUTURE FLOWS. Engaging, capativating and calming, thought-provoking and serene, the sheets of sound breathe and recede with meditative silence placed on equal ground with the music. FUTURE FLOWS creates an expansive yet elegant balance point, placing the listener immediately and definitively within the flow.

1. An Omnipresent Sense PrevailsMP310:58 
2. Spectrum of ChangeMP39:35 
3. Air MeditationMP35:55 
4. The Texture of RememberingMP311:14 
5. Rapt in NightMP34:03 
6. Heart of LightMP33:52 
7. The Future Flows From HereMP316:59 
8. Regeneration RevelationMP38:21 

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