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Forrest Fang
2012 Projekt PRO274 (CD) – Eco-Wallet
Reviewed by Relaxed Machinery

Multi-instrumentalist / electronic composer Forrest Fang has been creating his powerful blend of world instrument East-West-influenced sound art for over three decades. The pieces have the elegance and grace of "serious" composed music but the overarching feeling is pure, all-organic, and very human at the core. On his latest, ANIMISM, a long list of acoustic instruments and some synths are brought into play. The thick harmonic stew is created from a deep and heady slow boil of acoustic and electronic sources, treated with extreme audio processing, finding a shared cellular bond after what feels like a long marinade in deep reverberating spaces. Highly recommended!
1. Tailing WindMP36:49 
2. The Chameleon's PaintboxMP36:20 
3. Islands In The SkyMP38:55 
4. Evening ChorusMP35:21 
5. Passing SunsMP37:40 
6. A Tributary UnwindsMP38:15 
7. Sleeping SnakesMP37:12 
8. Resting PointMP39:40 

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