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Traces / Images of Light / Solstice

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Traces / Images of Light / Solstice
Erik Wøllo
2012 Spotted Peccary Music (CD) – remastered

Limited-edition three-pack, signed and numbered, exclusively from steveroach.com and Spotted Peccary.

"I have been waiting for this re-release of Erik's TRACES for years, and am proud to be offering it in this special bundle at the store, for a limited time.

"When I heard this in the mid 80's on LP, it was the release that suggested a collaboration could be in the future. A must-hear benchmark release in perfect company with his other early classics."

-- Steve Roach, February 2012

Three classic and influential Erik Wøllo releases are reborn and released anew in this set of special remastered editions.

Originally released between 1985 and 1992, these albums have long been out of print and difficult to find on CD. This set presents all three of these important works, along with eight previously unreleased tracks from the era, all remastered with depth and clarity that far surpass the original releases. Each disc is housed in a dual gatefold presentation, in the tradition of the vinyl record jacket, and features elegant, updated artwork based on the original versions.

All three jackets come wrapped in a black linen paper band, the first 500 of which are signed and numbered by Erik.

This collection represents a seminal time for Wøllo's artistic development; it was during this period that Erik found his distinct musical voice, skillfully defining and perfecting his unmistakable sound.

"After many years as a professional touring musician, these works were a milestone and a turning point for me. I quit all the bands I was playing in at that time, and set up my own Wintergarden Studio. I wanted to work on my own, like a painter in his studio."

-- Erik Wøllo


Although he had recorded two earlier solo albums, it was on 1985's "Traces" that Erik found his signature sound.

"Traces is a very special album to me," explains Wøllo. "I felt I really got into something new and I have explored these ideas on several albums since."

Featuring expansive synth textures, hypnotic sequencer patterns, electric guitars and guitar-synthesizers, TRACES was Norway's first electronic music release. "In 1984-85, MIDI technology was new and groundbreaking," Erik recalls, "and I was one of the first to explore all the new possibilities. Musically this technology opened up a new world, and I have continued to further develop and refine these musical structures over the years."

"I heard TRACES on vinyl back in the early 80s. It is still one of my top 10 albums. There is just an elegant, efficient and emotional quality about it that just holds up like it was created today. A truly timeless piece of beauty.

-- Steve Roach


IMAGES OF LIGHT was originally released in Norway in 1989, and then in the USA in 1990. Expanding on the distinctive electronic style that first appeared on "Traces," Wøllo delivers adventurous and vibrant compositions performed on guitars and synthesizers. The true potential of Wøllo's shining, consonant chord structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound design was realized on "IMAGES OF LIGHT." Rich, timeless music with texture and melody, highly sculpted and detailed, resulting in a pulsing, vibrant and atmospherically three-dimensional experience.

"IMAGES OF LIGHT is a music that is immediately organic without any distractions from its electronic medium, a true test of a classic. This was the first Wøllo work that I heard, and I knew instantly that this was highly tuned, crafted music by an artist that the world needed to know about. Beautifully composed illustrations in form, pulse, and melody that now, re-envisioned, finally present the work at its finest!"

-- Howard Givens


Originally released in 1992, SOLSTICE is an album with a pure yet sophisticated electronic palette that features Wøllo's cinematic atmospheres at their finest. Melodic beauty adorns a solid rhythmic structure, and a sense of minimalism is present throughout the entire album. At times, the music incorporates rhythms and elements from around the world, including a remarkable performance by South Indian violin virtuouso L. Subramaniam on the track "Northern Lights Alap".

"SOLSTICE is one of my all time favorite discs. When I first discovered it in the early 90's, I was taken by how fresh and genuine it sounded. I found it so inspiring that I listened to it almost every single morning for the better part of two years. I have returned to it often since then, and like any true classic, it is always a satisfying listen that never disappoints."

-- Jon Jenkins

Disc 1: Traces
1. Tide 1MP3 
2. EntranceMP3 
3. TotemMP3 
4. VaporMP3 
5. CeremonyMP3 
6. Tide 2MP3 
7. DiscoveryMP3 
8. The ChangeMP3 
9. Little Dream In TurquoiseMP3 
10. CirclesMP3 
11. The DroneMP3 
12. FinaleMP3 
13. The Boat 1MP3 
14. The Boat 2MP3 
Disc 2: Images of Light
1. MonumentMP3 
2. ReturnMP3 
3. String FlowMP3 
4. BetweenMP3 
5. Urban SpaceMP3 
6. ReflectionsMP3 
7. CoronaMP3 
8. ImpressionsMP3 
9. Nature MorteMP3 
10. EclipseMP3 
11. Second MeetingMP3 
12. Dream ConvertMP3 
13. PastoraleMP3 
14. Echo Of SpringMP3 
15. Star SceneryMP3 
Disc 3: Solstice
1. Solstice 1MP3 
2. VoyagerMP3 
3. ElfMP3 
4. AbracadaMP3 
5. ProvinceMP3 
6. The Great WhiteMP3 
7. Solstice 2MP3 
8. CapricornMP3 
9. AndromedaMP3 
10. Nimbus (retrace)MP3 
11. Chant Pastiche MeetingMP3 
12. ScopeMP3 
13. Northern Lights AlapMP3 
14. DeltaMP3 
15. Solstice 3MP3 

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