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2011 Projekt PRO264 (CD)

EZTICA, brethren follow up to 2009's ATLAN, draws a heavy, hungry first breath like that of the first man Quetzalcoatl created from maize. Soriah's virtuoso Tuvan throat-singing, Central Asian stringed instruments and hand percussion is perfectly melded with the neo-ancient airs of Ashkelon Sain's exquisite darkwave guitars, celestial electronics, and hypnotizing poly-rhythms. EZTICA has its roots in the ceremonial: ritualism, shamanism, butoh. It is a deeply organic experience, the voice drawing out the primordial spell, touching the earth, reaching for the sky. Captivating percussive sections with driven vocals glide effortlessly across windswept steppes, while otherworldly overtones hang like clouds in a frosted mountain range, all amid deep expanses of slowly shifting, mesmerizing tones. And when the Quetzalcoatl Kundalini of Soriah's lyrical throat singing fires down the spine, everything goes astral.

The 11 new works featured on EZTICA form a neo-tribal, mystically ethereal, paranormally enrapturing musical experience. Blending the textural with the structural, the songs bridge ambient and darkwave stylings, traversing an innerspace replete with sonic splendor, emotional resonance, and instrumental alchemy. Connecting the dots between the human and the shaman amidst the powers and forces of nature, EZTICA is a fascinating 68-minute oeuvre for the mind and soul. Beautifully odd, elevatingly dark and utterly lovely.

Both artists have long pedigrees: 40 years of live and recorded musical experience between them. Soriah has existed under that name for over a decade with three previous albums and many tours including performances in clubs and all places mystical, including trees, churches, caves. He has also been recognized through international competition as one of the top 5 throat singers in the world. Ashkelon Sain's Trance To The Sun project is legendary; his composition skills have been honed razor-sharp on his more recent project, Submarine Fleet. The collaboration is a match made in Omeyocan (the highest Aztec Heaven).

David J, of Bauhaus / Love And Rockets, writes: I once had the good fortune to be with Soriah in a sacred place in nature. A true power spot atop a mossy peak in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. There we sat under a magnificent, pummeling waterfall as he bowed his horse-headed two string Igil, tuning into the vibration, the essence, the cosmic ebb and flow. Shaman that he is, the Tuvan throat singing phenomenon that is Soriah will take you to that holy place whenever you lend an ear to his music. It is instant transcendental transportation and guaranteed to get you there on time.

On his new album, EZTICA, a collaborative work with the extraordinary Ashkelon Sain, that magickal realm is accessed simply by the push of a button marked 'play'. Eagles will suddenly soar around the room and wild horses stampede through your inner cortex! Fires will burst into roaring flame and swarms of cicadas, sing. Blood memory! Ancient ancestors dancing in the alcoves of a powerful cellular imprint. All is brought back and made present, humming with vital life as you find yourself caught up in a mesmerizing swell of Aztec incantation and layers of symphonic swells, this ethereal etheric suddenly invaded by explosive percussion and lavish layers of electric guitars. Surrender to the journey, lie back and travel deep.

1. IixMP39:47 
2. TicochitlehuaMP33:51 
3. EzticaMP34:43 
4. Nica AnahuatlMP32:36 
5. EhecatlMP33:51 
6. ChocatiuhMP31:47 
7. XimehuaMP38:41 
8. TemicteopanMP36:55 
9. XiuhcoatlMP38:38 
10. OmeyocanMP38:53 
11. AmochantzincoMP38:25 

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