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Cities in Fog 2

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Cities in Fog 2
Jeff Greinke
2011 Projekt ARC010b (CD)

The seeds for this project were sown in early 1995, when Naut Humon (of Sombient Records) invited me to contribute music to a compilation (the first part of a trilogy) entitled Throne of Drones. After accepting this offer, I found myself thinking of musical terrain I had all but abandoned some years earlier. I subsequently composed music for the compilation, as well as for the second part of the trilogy, that strongly reminded me of my earlier work. Out of this renewed interest in exploring such musical landscapes came the notion of making, 10 years later, a sequel to my first album, Cities in Fog.

Back in 1982, I moved to Seattle from Pennsylvania after completing my studies in meteorology at Penn State University. While traveling across the country, I had an experience that made a very strong impact on me. It happened in the expansive, open terrain of Montana, at a rest stop a few miles off the highway. I became aware of a drone being produced by the engine of a lone truck rolling down the highway. It lasted for what seemed a very long time, and I became fascinated with the richness and beauty of its sound and the way it held my interest. I realized later that this sonic phenomena was caused by the way in which the geography of the landscape altered the acoustical perspective between myself and the moving truck. The otherwise static sound was constantly moving and therefore continually sounded fresh to my ears.

After arriving in Seattle, I settled in an apartment on a hill overlooking a warehouse district. I became fond of taking late-night walks and listening to the activity in the valley. At that hour most of the everyday buzz of the city was hushed, so the distant clankings of the industrial area were more audible. I found the resultant soundworld mesmerizing.

Experiences like these come home with me and find their way into the studio, inevitably working their way into my music. Cities in Fog 2 represents my ongoing interest in everyday sounds and in working with such sounds to construct surrealistic late-night urban musical landscapes. -- Jeff Greinke

Back in 1998, Projekt released Cities in Fog as a two-disc set on the Archive side label; this has long been out-of-print. During Projekt's recent office move, they uncovered a stash of the second disc. Sam worked with Jeff on this limited edition (100 copies), packaged in a lovely six-panel eco-wallet.

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