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Immersion Station I

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Immersion Station I
Steve Roach, Eric Freeman
2010 (App)

In a unique collaboration, ambient-music pioneer Steve Roach and software artist Eric Freeman bring you an iPhone/iPod touch app for creating infinite mixes from the heart of Steve's soundworld creations. Use Immersion Station to sculpt your own personal infinite mixes for deep listening, meditation, and supportive sound spaces for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping.

Immersion Station is an elegant interactive sound immersion tool. Create infinite mix combinations from five different loops of varied lengths for endless playback. These sounds have been extracted from the heart of Steve Roach's soundworlds and carefully chosen for a congruent relationship allowing the user to sculpt constantly changing ambient music for deep listening, meditation, a supportive sound space for working at the computer, reading, and sleeping -- the uses will reveal themselves. 
Immersion Station ships with five core loops from Steve's soundworlds. Use these loops to craft, mix and save your own unique sound environments. The high resolution sound quality is especially effective with docking stations and home audio systems.

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