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David Parsons
2009 Celestial Harmonies (CD)

David's new release plays like a deeper extract from the 2008 Earthlight release. The live feel is evident and the flow is effortless thoughout the six pieces. Elongated sound textures and delicate use of unique sounds and subtle rhythmic elements intermix in classic Parsons style, transcendent and earthy. While this release is fully electronic, his years of playing Indian music and recording volumes of indigenous projects for Celestial Harmonies has provided his personal music with a special quality that is infused into the overall atmosphere of his masterful soundscape music.
1. JyotiMP310:29 
2. IncarnationMP311:02 
3. The Valley BelowMP39:35 
4. City of SpiritsMP310:02 
5. Tsaparang MoonMP39:32 
6. They ComeMP310:07 

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