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Lapis Ensemble

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Lapis Ensemble
Lapis Ensemble
2008 LP11 (CD)

This amazing debut release presents a unique and totally original expression of rarified mystic states. The sense of a sacred ceremony occurring at the site of the Oracle of Delphi or some unknown sacred site in the ancient past or distant future is conjured up at once. The best part of this etheric encounter is how it creates a palpable experience of Sacred Space. On each play of the CD, the spaces seems to appear and recede to places that live beyond the recorded medium. A must-have for deep listeners looking for deep spaces for renewal and reflection. Mastering and sonic enhancement by Steve Roach.

Lapis Ensemble is the collaboration of Tryshe Dhevney and Chandra Lear, two women with a unique sonic vision brought to life. The music created by this partnership is an improvisational interplay of acoustic voice accompanied by Tibetan bowls and Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls. The blending of their unique voices produces a sound that both transports and transforms. They weave elemental tones with intricate harmonies creating pieces that evoke sacred inner-space. Soulful and evolutionary.

"Once we chime the bowls and their tones begin to resonate, the melodies appear as if called forth from the ethers. We sing them into being." TD and CL, Lapis Ensemble

1. Breathing LifeMP39:27 
2. I'll Meet You ThereMP314:53 
3. StillpointMP38:51 
4. Beyond the WindMP314:48 
5. The Blossom and the FruitMP39:09 

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