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David Parsons
2008 Celestial Harmonies 13231 (CD)
Reviewed by e/i Magazine / Audio Verite

"Over his past few releases, New Zealand veteran electronic composer David Parsons has deliberately been refining his electronic composition approach and overall sound sense, drawing from a keen awareness of tone and nuance and a sense of inner and outer spaces in balance. This awareness has developed over many years from both pure electronic music explorations and a deep connection to the music of south Asia. Having traveled extensively through India, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond, recording the indigenous music from these cultures, his many diverse recordings are featured on the Celestial Harmonies label. David's years of experience and the understanding drawn from these acoustic realms has infused EARTHLIGHT in a deep and powerful way."

"The pieces featured on EARTHLIGHT are purely synthesizer-based, with sounds created from the ground up, from the inside out. The pieces were recorded in nearly real-time; the direct emotions and artistry were not lost in a realm of too many choices. The release features David's arching, cloud-like atmospheres combined with subtle percolating electronic percussion and buoyant rhythmic patterns. The delicate quality stands out, blending perfectly with the atmospherics. This release stands among my favorite releases this year, and is highly recommended." — review by Steve Roach

1. EarthlightMP37:20 
2. Altai HimalayaMP313:01 
3. Beyond the LightMP39:33 
4. CoronaMP38:42 
5. The Winged OnesMP37:32 
6. Bathing LightMP320:05 

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