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Eleusian Lullaby

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Eleusian Lullaby
Alio Die
2007 Projekt PRO208 (CD)

ELEUSIAN LULLABY blends the natural, warm and earthy ambient compositions of Alio Die with the elegant, neo-classical voice of Martina, merging notes and silence into an expanded dreamscape. This is lullaby music like an aural caress from darkness into the light. The combination of the vocal melodies with the abstract qualities of the loops and instruments creates a suspended near-dream space, intimate and sensual at the same time.

The opening track, "The Oniroid Sleep", displays a foggy atmosphere where the voices wash beneath the acoustic layers of the cithara, sitar, kalimba and field recordings. On the second track, "A Drone Song for Alienor", the voice is clearer and more upfront with all its powerful beauty apparent creating an intense and fragile song with a neo-classical approach. The third song, "Eleusian Lullaby", was created as a totally free improvisation of psaltery and voice; the text is sung in a dialect of the Engadina language (Switzerland). Drones and loops were added later from the original recordings.

60 minutes of music, composed by acoustic improvisations with voice, psaltery, zither, cithara, bells, metals and field recordings. The original recordings were made in locations in the woods and in ancient medieval places then processed and layered by Alio Die at Temple Studio in 2005 - 2006.

1. The Oniroid SleepMP3 
2. A Drone Song for AlienorMP3 
3. Eleusian LullabyMP3 

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